Q & A: joanne; founder of my little way!

Q: Describe your life using 3 words maximum:
A: lovely, lucky, happy

Q: 3 living things you treasure:
A: my family, my husband, my friends

Q: Your favorite thing to wear:
A: Slip on flats

Q: 3 favorite favorites right now!
A: a variety of artists, bloggers, my home, & wine tastings!

Q: Top 3 places you have visited:
A: Patagonia, Argentina. Madrid, Spain. San Sebastian, Spain.

Q: Top 3 places you would like to visit:
A: Portland, Oregon. Eureka, California (visit our friends there!). Colorado (Ben wants to visit really bad for some reason!)

Q: Favorite animal:
A: Right now, giraffes. I will be one at work today! (pictures to come)

Q: You are truly passionate about art and handmade goods, tell us how that interest was formed:
A: My mom has been sewing since she was a little girl, she recently just gave me her 1st sewing machine since I moved into my new home. I've been around it all my life and my interest grew from being around her.

Q: Favorite music... list 3 of your favorites here:
A: Currently, Jenny Lewis, M83 & Lykke Li

Q: What is the best piece of advice you've ever heard?
A: "Just be the best you can be, do it"-From my uncle mark. & "Have and enjoy a beautiful life" -My grandpa.

Q: What are a few of the goals you have for your future and how do you plan on making them a reality?
A: 1.) Quit my job and start my new career: Keep looking, making contacts and not giving up on what I'm capable of accomplishing. 2) Move to the northwest (California, Oregon, or Washington) in 4 years after Ben graduates from finance school. 3.) Growing a garden, plant, grow and keep growing!

Q: Top three events in your life(so far):
A: my wedding day, graduation day, the day my mom overcame her surgery

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