Polaroid 5

rain. rain. rain.yes, summer is not over yet, but being in Seattle, it is very unpredictable.

we have a couple of rainy days ahead of us before we get some warm weather coming in this weekend.

it didn't stop me from going on a walk. i went. and it was cold.

real cold and i was out of reach of kleenex. but once i got home. it felt so so nice.

baked some oatmeal pecan-rasberry cookies this morning for the guys above us. and drank some hot chai tea to stay warm at the flying apron. one of my favorites.

also when passing by in Fremont, I noticed the architecture firm, Imprint. the building is so small and very cute and right in the middle of the neighborhood. they do some fine work. this is an image from one of their projects.

knitta please.

jen collins

work them curves.

i took this while on my walk, a sign that summer is slowly leaving. but i'm excited for my first very spent Fall in Seattle..can't wait to see what it brings.

i have some projects coming up this week and i'm thrilled.
i can't wait til I can share.
i think this often.


A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Polaroid 4

summer isn't over quite yet. we have a great sunny weekend coming up.

Hilda, photographer & student from Sweden and her sweet blog.

din sko


Polaroid 3

it was a pretty day today. went for a run/walk.

met some kind people today. . ..

Annie. she sold us an Ikea blue sofa. it is quite nice, very affordable, and will be picked up tomorrow for us to own. she had on some really, classy red clogs, i really liked them.

next, were james and katie. she works at a coffee shop and he's in the forestry industry and has a beard. they had free cinder blocks out on their front yard, so we stopped to chat?

and finally, Anne. (not Annie) we grabbed an apple from her tree that fell off and she let us have this great tree stump that my babe is going make into a stool. AND invited us to a street block party next week!

and the best thing: received a letter from my mama in the mail today. love it. love her.

have a good night.


Polaroid 2

Polaroid 1


I've been meaning to begin this project. And I will finally commit. It's pretty simple. One Polaroid a day. Things I make, do, see and/or create. We will begin with yesterday's. Enjoy.



couer de pirate.


tnx black eiffel.


you know those places that you've visited before and when you look back at your pictures from the trip, you can almost taste and smell the good times & even the aroma of the stay...well, design suites in Bariloche, Argentina is just that place. this was one of the few hotels we stayed at during our honeymoon in Argentina in Fall of 2008. it was such a beautiful experience. i'd go back in a heart beat. i've been meaning to put up some more hotels that we've stayed at during our Argentina visit. i did a post a while back ago on Home Hotel in Buenos Aires. both lovely places.





Meet Juli & John from Kitka. A well done Toronto-based blog.

Would you be able to live in a 130 square feet cabin? Meet Mariah & Ryan from Oregon.



can't get enough.

unquestionably in love with this dark, forest green velvet throw/dress on Siri.

reminds me of the holidays. when I was younger, my mom would always make me a different christmas dress every year to wear. ha. and she once made me something that was so similar to this that i'm thinking maybe Siri found it at a thrift shop and altered her way at it! alright, maybe not. but god, i love that green velvet, I can smell the woods, log cabin, holiday takes me to a good place.


...for a girl that is clever enough to say, "that's retardical" is MARVELOUS.

Sarah Silverman has such a sweet personality and with her new book, Bedwetter out (I'm only 139 in line on hold at the library)

Yeah. NBD. (no big deal)

She's not only known for her gorgeous natural looks, but as well as for her radiating humor. Bedwetter, simply put is a sort of a memoir and it shows more I think of a side that we don't exactly know about her, which I'm excited to read on about. I've heard nothing, but good things about this book, I can't wait til it's in my hands. I wonder if there is any swearing in it? ha. I like a woman who is honest, true to herself, and works hard to get where they are at, it reminds me of myself, although I don't know where "at" is at this point of my life, but I know that I'm a hard worker and it will pay off in the long run. And if Sarah worked hard throughout her life even through stabbing some dude's head with a pencil once when she was younger (it's okay Sarah, I once got suspended from school for throwing a pencil at my biology teacher) and by swearing along the way, then hey I think that tells me that there's a pretty mother fucking good chance that I will.


have a lovely day !



das ist wahr

slowly, but surely.

our home is becoming more like a home.

the morning sunlight is always a magnificent feeling, i think that's probably the same feeling with the others who live in the northwest.




How amazing is this hotel?+
"Life in harmony with nature"

Yes. It's a hotel. But not just any hotel...the remarkable Rogner Bad Blumau not only has green roofs, colourful facades, and a dreamy interior. This place is in the middle of the meadows in Austria and really, a work of art. It is definitely getting put on my to-do list.

Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2010 collection is impressive.


support maiti nepal.


the very creative, Yvette van Boven. she has a book coming out this month. keep an eye out for it.


Copenhagen Fashion Week via facehunter. that lime green. .is yum


*das ist wahr
= German for this is true



have you guys been keeping up with scott schuman's blog (aka the sartorialist) lately? he's been uploading some terrific shots of people. the men's fashion has me in awe. i can't get over it, even these older men ... they need to be paid some respect for their incredible fashion sense.

this guy is fly.

is that an anchor steam?


...and of course. dicaprio in inception.

yess...and is about time, the 35-yr old is about to propose to his girlfriend, Bar Refaeli.

i do love how fiesty marion cotillard played in the film. she's terrific.



cute film.

french. sloppy.


micro. straight.

all different kind of braids.


there's even the hipster braid.

not to be confused with the hipster headdress.


LOVE this fishtail braid. and the hair color. pure, thick & natural. stunning.

oh, Caroline.



i went to the chiropractic today.

man, anatomy itself is just amazing, ain't it?

i think sometimes we take flexibility for granted. i absolutely LOVE being active, running, yoga, cycling, dancing, having fun...doing anything active excites me.

until i get injured.
we got in a bit of a fender-bender this past week. we both are are okay. we're alive. though I need a little worked on. apparently my spine got some 'things' twisted up, 'things' pushed back, and my ribs are hitting some nerves that aren't supposed to be getting hit and well, to say the least. PAINFUL.

did you know that your spinal cord contains nerves that extend out to every part of your body?

it is quite a m a z i n g.
so be kind to your spiney and it'll be friends with you.

and if it doesn't want to be friends with you like right now *ouchh* it'll recuperate.

i'll get better. it's fixable, that's the magical thing.



karen walker shades.

need to get them.

check out Totokaelo. lots of lovely designers.



despicable me.

yoo gotta love um.

designed by: eric therner

thank you, hello tiger.


wonderland candleholders by stephen johnson.

a very lovely piece of wallpaper by otto, see Fine Little Day.

I missed you.

It was a long, whimsical trip. Adventurus.

And we made it. To our new home. Seattle.

Revealing one story at a time, this has been such a beautiful trip for the both of us. From remembering moments with the ones you love to sharing new moments with the others you love. I saw many things. Many things that I didn't know I was going to see. It was and still is exciting.

Being comfortable is so easy and there is nothing wrong with being at ease, but not knowing what there is out there should be inspiring and is, to me at least. To have a spirit of eagerness is rewarding. So, hi! I'm back, cheers to life !

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