Polaroid 3

it was a pretty day today. went for a run/walk.

met some kind people today. . ..

Annie. she sold us an Ikea blue sofa. it is quite nice, very affordable, and will be picked up tomorrow for us to own. she had on some really, classy red clogs, i really liked them.

next, were james and katie. she works at a coffee shop and he's in the forestry industry and has a beard. they had free cinder blocks out on their front yard, so we stopped to chat?

and finally, Anne. (not Annie) we grabbed an apple from her tree that fell off and she let us have this great tree stump that my babe is going make into a stool. AND invited us to a street block party next week!

and the best thing: received a letter from my mama in the mail today. love it. love her.

have a good night.

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