AA: Zezão

Have I ever mentioned Zezão to any of you?

If I haven't...I don't know whats wrong with me.

But the man is amazing. ...Amazingly Good.

His work comes directly from the Brazilian streets of São Paulo. One of the many places I would like to visit some day. His personal technique is commonly referred to as “fumacinhas”, which literally means 'little smokes'. ...may be you can see why, but together with that he is an artist with a tough stand. He steps into these deep and dirty sewage systems under the streets of São Paulo to get the exact places he wants to paint on...a little crazy?

Not to me...I think the results are beautiful.



Not too sure if this is face paint, or eyelashes. Looks more so ...fake lashes, but either way, its rad! Boudoir Queen of Etsy.



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Enter Kelly & Jonathan's home in San Francisco in the Mission District. A well decorated 850 sq.ft. one bedroom apartment. See how Kelly, an art director and Jonathan, a geologist come together and delicately decorate their home with the latest Apartment Therapy house tour.

These little dudes are chillin looking fresh.

You know how hotel rooms always have tissue boxes on their walls above the toilet seat, this is ideal...why not have this in our own bathrooms instead of wasting toilet paper!

This vanity is a dream vanity! I love that wood and that pattern plus the round shape of the mirror leaves the overall vanity design looking immaculate.

Oh, yeah and if you haven't guessed, this little guy is sitting on top of the vanity.

I really like this doorway. I know its a bit narrow, may be a little too narrow, but I think its because my taste of wooden floors and white walls together. And the vaulted ceiling also makes the entry way much more likable.

puhm kin

A bestseller...The Time Traveler's Wife written by Audrey Niffenegger

Has everyone gone to a pumpkin patch yet? Its definitely on the agenda for this week.

Yankees won. Going to the World Series...boohoo.

I wanted the Angels to take it!



fall is here

1.) Wooden Notecard 2.) Golden Ribbon Tags 3.) Handmade linen basket 4.) Halloween Lantern Card 5.) Fall Thread Print


Take the time to take a walk, a run, or a stroll outside.

I try to do this three days out of the week. I wake up early, go running where there is a lot of green with trees and breeze.

Its my way to connect to the earth.

I've learned that my pilates class, kickboxing, yoga, spinning classes are all great for me, but it is good to step outside of that often.

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"I was determined to walk the land, a treat I always always do, no matter where I am in the world – its my way of connecting with the earth"
- A little word from one of my favorite bloggers, Pia: Author of Paris: Made by Hand

Images here

and it was still hot

Where the Wild Things Are was filmed wonderfully.
Karen o's voice is hot.
The story is reworked but thats okay.
Max is super cute and i wont be surprised if in 2010 every newborn child is named max.
And all in all i enjoyed it !

at age 6

Now, this is pretty exciting for a kid.

The Indie Rock Coloring book by The Yellow Bird Project.

It doesn't get any better than this. A coloring book just for kids that has an interactive and colorful journey of creativity with pages of illustration created by the lovely artist, Andy J. Miller. Andy collaborated with Yellow Bird to create this one of a kind coloring book that brings a unique expression of bands and their creativity. Bands include Broken Social Scene , Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bon Iver, and even MGMT! You can even turn to the page where you can draw hair on Rilo Kiley! We need more things like this out on our school grounds, it brings a different side of creativity educating them with other new ways of coloring instead of the same boring, Power Rangers and Spongebob coloring books. Lets stop spending our time on TV! Or stop spending time on suspending kids for bringing camping utensils (a "spork" to be exact) to school and spend more time on finding brilliant new creative outlets for our school systems. Oh, and another great thing? Profits will go directly to all the charities that Yellow Bird supports.

And who said it's just for kids? I think I might get one for myself.


Quote of the day:
Follow your passion and don't let others tell you that you can't do something.
-Ron Chew, former executive director of the Wing Luke Asian Museum



Documentary film on Maurice Sendak, illustrator and writer of Where the Wild Things Are premieres on HBO tomorrow night 10/14, Wednesday at 7pm. May be I'll drive over to my mom's, she has cable! I don't !

I really think my obsession with forts has gone way too far.

No more thinking. No more sketching about it, I'm going to do it!


And I wanted to show the photo that I finally framed of Caroline Hancox. She was my package exchange buddy all the way from Cambridge, uk. It is to the right in the red frame. It is so peaceful, so I thought about putting it in my downstairs pottyroom which I thought went real well together. Visit Caroline at her blog.
I will sure have one of these split doors in my new home.
I really enjoy canopies.

Especially in this bathroom, that light shade of like a blue mist looks real fresh and relaxing.
And this bed also looks really comfortable. That beam of light that is coming through the room looks real bright and perfect for a nice area to lay down and read a book.

vw n relax

Ok. Seriously.

This is awesome.


How fun is this idea of creating a magical reading place for your child. I think its a brilliant idea. And very relaxing, it seems. I always loved building forts as a BAYYbee.



Today I turn 25 !!!!!!!

Yay for being 25 !!!!!!!


bday wish list

We Are Not Two,We Are One Print by Christopher Bettig.


here are just ... you know ....some birthday goodies on my wish list!
The story of the lady herself, Julia Child.

Can I please have my gocco print maker ....someday!?

thomas klementsson

MY BIRTHDAY....is coming up this weekend!!!!!! AND I THINK, I might do this on myself.

What do you think? I'm wearing all black with hints of purple and hot pink. Can't wait...(!!)

Photography by Thomas

Loving these patterns...of the Japanese brand, Mina Perhonen

Say Thanks.

split splat

Just found a photographer (by the name Joanna Henderson) What a great name! :) (ie: my name is Joanne for you that don't know!) Joanna has some incredible photos. Seems as if she does more still life than portraiture, but ....still amazing to find photographers that capture natural beautiful faces with magical paint on them...(!)

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