i'm inspired by creative people. creative advancement.

some people may be harsh and pass on judgment on these people because well, ultimately we are all over the place. we don't like one thing. we like many things.

and i'm proud of it.

my most influential bloggers at the moment, tanks geerls xx:
pia jane


Clever. This has to be the most amazing entrance to a patio. Right from the kitchen.

Very welcoming. Just a simple way to bring warmth to your home.

In the heart of Vasastan. It gets even better.

enuff, lets escape.

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog, you can probably by now be well assured that I am in love with anything that is of Scandinavian style (both classic & modern). The way the interior plays with natural light, I'm obsessed with. For this home in particular (featured on skonahem), I like how they've brought in the same teal color paint on the wooden flooring from another room's wall paint color. The way they have connected each part of the home all together is just really intriguing. In another room, they have black and white striped wall paper and in the living room they bring in the pattern again by having black and white striped pillows on the sofa, it's really inviting when you see hints of familiarity around a person's house. Have you ever been to a friend's house where each room were distinctively different? Like completely. Well, it's that type of feeling where you don't feel as if everything is that much more relaxed. But more so, just, "please don't go in that room, it's a bit of a mess." This might not be such a great example for the average person's home *ppkmm*, but even if it's just a little niche you see that is somehow connected to somewhere else inside, that's what makes a home unique and comfortable.

- -- -

i cannot stand when bloggers write their post title on any particular Friday, "Oh, happy, happy Friday" It drives me insane.

Another amazing prop stylist, Sweet Paul.

A child's imagination is my inspiration for sure...but how will you ever figure what he/she is really thinking? It holds us responsible to think as we were young once.

Rain chains.

Good vibrations. We should all feel those. May be this yarn laser will lead you to some.

oh, monica. you always amaze me. been rockin it so long and u still got it. check monica canilao's recent show photos up on fecalface.

with frost, please.

one thing, i can't live without is confetti.

i think when we move, which probably is the end of this summer, or early Fall....our going away party's overall theme will be confetti. we'll just have a ton of colored bits thrown around at each other, it's going to be fettiabulous.


Showered with sprinkles. Life can't get any better.

Johnny Cupcakes.

CUPCAKE CANNON from kamp grizzly on Vimeo.

* pia jane's new book is coming! I have the first one, Paris: Made by Hand. Now, Amsterdam: Made by Hand will be here in a few, can't wait...her official book launch will be held at the American Book Center

*A knitted world. Imagine that.

* I'm getting really annoyed of door-to-door soliciting. They freak me out. I don't want your Vietnamese discount take-out flyer, please just chill. But then again, I refuse to put any sign up that says, "no soliciting" cause I mean that's just dumb.

*Toxic water. Read about it.


um, this is pretty much amazing.

and i want it.


we are handsome makes one-of-a kind one piece swimsuits. all made by hand too. and when I do get a hold of one of your swim wear(s) I will indeed feel special, unique, AND amazing.

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Street style in Helsinki, Finland.
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