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the new issue of uppercase is out! Inspired by many manly hobbies as woodworking, axe design, lutherie, bespoke suits, cycling and sailing...loving it. Someone say sailing?? There will be interviews with blogger, sfgirlbybay, the Regional Assembly of Text and Geninne Zlatkis....upon more!

Ryan Meis & Sarah Labieniec

+Sandra Monat

echo test

Mel Kadel has over 40 new paintings at her new show, Echo Test at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco. If you are in the city, make sure you go peep it. Runs through October 10th.
Previous posts on Mel, here and here.


really. sorta.

this is really sorta interesting.
i love those colors.

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What an amazing room.

Read Pia Jane's full post here.

Visit J. Morgan Puett.

Doesn't that look like rainfall in the background? The sun is illuminating through the trees. This looks like a perfect afternoon for a festival.

And it was.

Party in the Pines at Big Sur.

Listen to some of the music, here.

Peaceful. Relaxing.

Great weather.

It seemed.


What would it be like to go to school and live in an EcoDorm room? EcoDorm houses about 36 undergrads at the Warren Wilson College, a liberal arts school located in Swannanoa, North Carolina. Living at EcoDorm has made life a little bit easier for these students that share the same value as others living there. They all pledge no to use hair dryers, their music is acoustic and in all students try their best to build a human relationship with the environment.
Full story: Nytimes

Emilene Whidbee, student, hanging her laundry up to dry. Emilene helped founded the environmental club at her high school along with a lunchtime recycling program.

Sari Bellmer, student, picks almonds in the permaculture garden. Bellmer practices transcendental meditation twice a day. I bet those almonds are so tasty.

Michelle Obama takes her dog Bo on a walk! With her I-Pod on! Holy bananas. Try to guess what she is listening to here.

Neon & Jonathan Saunders.
You know that this was the year of Topol in Farewell Tour of Fiddler on the Roof? It would of been nice to see it in Los Angeles when they played last August.

egh you

yegh, you.

happs friday.



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1.) Native American Beaded Belt, vintage, 2.) Red Floral Buckle Skirt, Bows and Bandits
3.) Crosley Table Alarm Clock Speaker, Urban Outfitters, 4.) Sandals, F-Troupe

Marc by....




Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Lots and Lots of pattern.




Pompón. (s)

the jeremy man himself.

Photo by Marc the Cobrasnake

...Still haven't guessed what Spring 2010 collection this is from?





Mr. Jeremy Scott. Isn't it fabulous? I was at a thrift store last night where they already have all the Halloween costumes out for purchase. I kept on second glancing at the kids' peter pan pants...and thinking to myself, man those would look rad on me!! And then I started looking at Jeremy Scotts' collection today, and what do I see? I see those sharp, peter pannish, cut off leg patterns!! I'm going to have to tear, cut, and sew some of my old pants....like now.

Upbeat, artsy...Marni, the Italian label has a thing for circles in their recent collection like a lot of the collections that are out for Spring 10. I'm really enjoying all these vibrant and happy colors. A couple of Marni's clients include Kirsten Dunst & Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Holey shirts feel warm and snuggie.


pretty in pink

A vintage chiffon dress.

I want to dress up in this. I don't know where I'd go with it on, but I really want to put it on and I'm 99% sure that I'd wear it out somewhere. It's a vintage 70's Gunne Sak Bridesmaid dress. The ruffled lace v-neck is what gets me. I love it.
From the Pearl Poodle at Etsy.

I'm in bride mood since I've been doing some searching on my friend's wedding, any bridesmaid dress ideas anyone?

Boutique: Adrienne's Bridal Salon
Location: NY

One of my mom's dream and fantasy is to own her own bridal boutique. How wonderful would it be if that dream someday will come true?

I do.

Do you?

How delicious is this hammock?

I love the feeling of stepping into one room and creating a whole different feeling than you would experience in another room within the same living space. The dark walls and wooden floors is a room that lets me feel cozy, comfortable, and warm. May be on a cold day with some tea with a book to read and relax, or may be even a long game of dominoes with my ♡B. Stepping into the other room with the medium, orchid-purple wall tones fills me with inspiration and independence. Free to act with a sense of creating, or building in with a bright, but creamy purple glow.


Recently, I've been obsessed with chalk paint.

I'm really digging the wall paper, the rug beneath the bed, the heavy bed frame, but what made me really like this photo is the curtain design. I think I will make my next curtain project something close to this.

One of my closest dreams is to have a printing-press room someday...


All visuals from Apartment Therapy

afghan raiders

Afghan Raiders did it again.

Another party, this time with kids getting stomped on, beer glasses getting broken, people getting drenched by crowd sweat...this party was off the chain chain. I've seen AR play more than a few times, but what made the duo put on one of their best shows? One, the music. duh., and two, the people, the vibe all around. I think the venue, Beauty Bar of Downtown Las Vegas probably have said it once or twice after the show, Afghan Raiders will need to play outside next time in the back of the venue with much more space (and fresh air to breathe!) than inside of the bar. I've never seen security guards act so aggressively as they did this night. Equally with the music comes along their style of performing with so much energy and hype that would make anyone just start to dance, smile, yell of happiness... and have a real, real good time. If you haven't seen them perform, make sure you do by going to their last show of this year, it will be inside of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at Wasted Space, Saturday 9/26

I think these hooodlums that broke into the show got kicked out!!!

there were girls stealin microphones and shi*, it was crazyy!

SO good.

surprisingly by all the dancing and the ruff ruff her make-up lasted quite a while this night....!

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photos by me, the nite visions & Jorge A. Novoa
last picture, make-up by me
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