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TokiDoki booth.

The Pool Trade Show, August/September 2009 is here!

It has been great so far, my feet are hurting ... but I'll live. Lots and lots and LOTS of neat stuff. My eyes wander from corner to corner just in awe of everything. My job consist of stuffing cute little black totes with goodies and handing them out to people. I know super fun & easy!


I got to see Glass Candy last night for Pool Tradeshow's party ...a lot, a lot of fun. Ida (lead singer) has this thing for dancing aerobics, some people say its "erotic aerobics", I disagree though...she does it pretty well, but not to the extent of calling it erotic. I've seen musicians (women) put on some way more crazy types of dance move shows. Glass Candy's way is a little more, "Cute". Like ballerina, tip toe don't step on any glass Cute. Like she goes out barefoot on stage and wears really tight leggings that shows her hip bones pierce out, don't get me wrong, she is a cute girl, but no its not "erotic".
By the way, she said our city smells bad....
I'm not surprised by any means, but I've smelled worse!

I try not to diss cities, especially my city. I grew up in Las Vegas and I'm proud of it because I met a lot of really good friends here...its my home until I make another place my home.

Tip of the day:
Don't diss your city!!!

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