A project. A collaboration. Life Long Work Week takes over at Renegade's store front in Chicago.

Girly. And I love it.

I use that Rose Salve everyday of my life.

I get really intimately connected to my lip balms, they usually last me for years. Rose Salve, I adore you.

i'm crazy about getting these brogue-styled jazz shoes. the dark tan and the light tan. ahhhhh......where is the money flow. must make purchase! now.

Photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy. Lovin her lifestyle photos. Check out her own blog right here.

my house is smelling like....

SO good. Goya's Frijoles Negros are superrr. I threw some onion, bay leaves, sugar, salt, olive oil, water in my crock pot this morning & has been cooking all day. Yum Yum in about 1 hr. Waiting.....


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