i want to play dress up

And dress up like a FLAPPER! I would probably have to put on pogo sticks to get the real feel of this little lady here.

Another great poster by John Held Jr. American Artist from 1889-1958

So, what are the colors rolling in for the late summer/early fall? These deep yellows are catching my eye. That musty pale blue gives this Apartment Therapy room a more subtle glow instead of just spur of yellow. The olive bench also gives that more homey, relaxed and mature look. Yellow can sometimes have an annoying aura if not placed with likable colors like these blues & greens.

Sometimes, don't you ever feel like you don't......

Yeah, I do at times. Especially those intense deeply convo's you have with your friend(s).

But at other times, I KNOW IT ALL !



Cards by
Roll & Tumble Press

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beans said...

I agree, you know it all!

No, but yeah, bright colors make for nice accents against pale and earth tones. It's a well balance : )

Her name was Lola said...

Ooh la la! I'm obsessed with that fabulous vintage flapper image. Just marvelous, darling.


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