Around the corner..

tomorrow night is the countdown.
can you believe it?

time flies.

2008 brought a lot of good news to my hood! It gave me a lovely hubby with a fabulous wedding. It gave me a wonderful trip to Argentina. It gave me a new home. It gave me a Bachelors in the Fine Arts. It gave me the happiness to see my mom recover and get 100% better from a horrible surgery. It gave me new friends. It brought me new cheer.

so tomorrow is a new day, right?

2009 resolutions:
1. A new job/career, keep diggin up in this risky economy. Don't stop.
2. Stay active. Take boxing, yoga, pilates classes. Join a soccer team.
3. Stayin art-driven. Keep makin all my makes. Research grad-schools.
4. Save those pennies and nickles. Gettin ready for a move to Washington, most likely in 2010.
5. Keep writing, and reading. it makes me stronger.

And some minor notes to self, yet some more resolutions:
1. Get better at cooking, explore more. *Start a supper club*
2. Get thrifty/eco-friendly!
3. Remember birthdays and send handmade cards.

Things to buy:
1. A sofa/soft cushions for game room/loft.
2. Paint for the living room and kitchen and wood flooring!
3. Frames for wedding pictures.
4. A new car, Benjamin.

Setting myself up for success:
1. Already looking at grad. schools and area of interest.
2. Buy Washington tickets to see my brother and to visit the state I might once call home.
3. Buy Texas tickets to visit my wonderful grandparents. Have portfolio ready to show at galleries in Dallas, TX.

giving thanks for this jot-down to: ill seen ill said
i love days off from el work.

i think of new fresh ideas for around my home.

i get to do the things i enjoy!

I'm going to share some photos around my home.

We are in the middle of fixing up our guest room.

Look at this chair I found at the thrifters, isn't it fabulous? Bought some fabric, wrapped it around the cushion, and ta-da, fits perfectly inside the room.

I also got this antique freestanding lamp, its gorgeous!!!! It has vintage milk glass on it, the top rim. I need to paint that funky green though. Probably burgundy, just how we did with the little cabinet, we're going to use it as a floating nightstand! Check it out:
So we aren't quite finish with our guest room, but once its done , I will post more pics! PROMISE.I also planted some planties, I got a home depot gift card for christmas from my little-bro in law, so I went to go buy some plants !

i love tin cans.


DIY: its easy, fun, and PRECIOUS.

Living room space. Slow, but everyday its getting to where we want it to be! Cushions are from World Market, if you haven't visited them, go go! Its awesome...


i want snow to come more often.

its about to hit up to 8in. of snow.

please stay!photo via: lars
so, as usual.
i always try to score those awesome discount deals right after christmas for MORE christmas stuff. I found these awesome vintage-like cards at a thrift store last Christmas and held onto them to hand out this year. I had enough for all friends/family but one! So, made my last Christmas card to hand out!
Yes, thats Ben & I. :)

it TOTALLY snowed in Las Vegas today!

homes always look cuter with snow.

please come again, soon snow.

great LITTLE plush books.

*most can be found at your nearby online book store! preferably

how much do i?

1. want to be in another city, cozy snuggled, drinking coco and making crafts all day.
2. A LOT.

i want to fly away away. far!

here are some lovely faces from beyond. *great street style*

Paris !
Reykjavik, Iceland !
Stockholm !
Sydney, Australia !
Indonesia !

Amsterdam !

*thanks to facehunter for such great pics.


what do you guys think?
i will be posting more soon...thinking about making a bunch and giving away for xmas!
i woke up when it was still dark.

i really love that!

and this is what i thought of......

1. Neckwarmer 2. Art Print 3. Tote bag 4. Necklace 5. Mug Set 6. Covered Lantern 7. Art Print 8. Dinner Plate Set

some new goodies!

jumped on these new flats at macy's the other day, on sale...$37! pretty comfty!

all warmie warmers (perfect for holiday gift...wink.wink.) made by Jessica Rose from Etsty. Go check it out.

shirt & shoes at Bonadrag!

i had the mid-night urge .

to make some yum-mi peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

enjoy them yourself, here's the recipe!

joanne's little pb & chocolatie chip cookies:

  • 1 cup shortening
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoons salt


Pre-heat oven to 350°F.
Cream together the shortening, brown and white sugars until smooth; add eggs and vanilla and fully combine. Stir in the peanut butter and chocolate-chips. Add flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix thoroughly but don't overmix. Roll into little balls and press flat with something in your kitchen that will give out a pretty design (ie. forks!). Bake for about 10-12 minutes or until fork comes out clean.

how did the turn out go?
well i can't filled me up pretty well !

what else happened this day of tuesday, december 2nd of 2008. well believe it or not a Japanese company plans to brew the so-called "space beer" using third-generation barley grains that spent five months aboard the International Space Station in 2006.
Brewed from barley! (and no it isnt for sale, yet anyway...) more of it, go here: Space Beer

i did go thrifting a little today......
found some good looking shades. and found a perfect fishbowl, so i can store my collection of matches! hahahahh.

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