Around the corner..

tomorrow night is the countdown.
can you believe it?

time flies.

2008 brought a lot of good news to my hood! It gave me a lovely hubby with a fabulous wedding. It gave me a wonderful trip to Argentina. It gave me a new home. It gave me a Bachelors in the Fine Arts. It gave me the happiness to see my mom recover and get 100% better from a horrible surgery. It gave me new friends. It brought me new cheer.

so tomorrow is a new day, right?

2009 resolutions:
1. A new job/career, keep diggin up in this risky economy. Don't stop.
2. Stay active. Take boxing, yoga, pilates classes. Join a soccer team.
3. Stayin art-driven. Keep makin all my makes. Research grad-schools.
4. Save those pennies and nickles. Gettin ready for a move to Washington, most likely in 2010.
5. Keep writing, and reading. it makes me stronger.

And some minor notes to self, yet some more resolutions:
1. Get better at cooking, explore more. *Start a supper club*
2. Get thrifty/eco-friendly!
3. Remember birthdays and send handmade cards.

Things to buy:
1. A sofa/soft cushions for game room/loft.
2. Paint for the living room and kitchen and wood flooring!
3. Frames for wedding pictures.
4. A new car, Benjamin.

Setting myself up for success:
1. Already looking at grad. schools and area of interest.
2. Buy Washington tickets to see my brother and to visit the state I might once call home.
3. Buy Texas tickets to visit my wonderful grandparents. Have portfolio ready to show at galleries in Dallas, TX.

giving thanks for this jot-down to: ill seen ill said

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Jane Flanagan said...

Glad to help! Here's hoping we both keep our resolutions :)


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