have a good weekend

We are getting out of this heat and heading to Laguna Beach, California for the weekend....can't wait!


a wedding tree

Check out the Australian couple, Paul & Cassie's wedding by Jonas Peterson, his wedding photos are truly incredible.

NOW. THAT's creative.
A little part of everybody is on there tree, forever.

Wouldn't it be nice to just get up and leave to Paris? Haven in Paris makes it happen when you're in need for a place to stay, rent these peaceful little studio apartments right in the heart of the city.


Three days ago, I posted about Eunice Kennedy's death....now today, just two weeks after her death, Eunice's brother Ted Kennedy dies of brain cancer. My thoughts are with both of them.

Vuelta a España , also known as the Tour of Spain (64th) begins this Saturday extending from the 29th to September 20th. Someone please wrap me up in your luggage and take me with you to Spain.




Print by Barking Bird Art
This might look familiar as Rik's work have been seen in magazines such as Nylon, Vibe, Vice Australia....his work is delicate and usually shows not all parts of the body, just half. His color palette is my favorite though. It works so naturally along with his fine, wiry lines that he makes with his illustrations.

They sure do. Design by Wayne.

Simple Hand Embroidery, a Japanese craft book

Wooden buttons via Stephanie Style

Kitty Daisy & Lewis just makes me want to kick my heels off and start dancing the night away...watch their video, here. [thanks pia] :)


the New Firefly*

With its neon lighting, best view of Downtown Freemont Street Experience and Plaza’s dome-shaped architecture, the new Firefly* is a hit. If you have lived in Las Vegas long enough to know where to go for great ambience and excellent food, you have probably heard of Firefly* on Paradise, arguably the best Spanish restaurant in Las Vegas and very affordable for that matter. “Fun, affordable, and unique” says John Simmons, owner of Firefly* when discussing his new second location Downtown Las Vegas inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino. The Plaza is one of the more classic Hotel & Casinos of downtown, many films have been shot here and the dome in front of the Plaza where Firefly* is located has one of the most magnificent views of Downtown Freemont. Firefly* will allow guests to experience the rare and the feel of a classic-Vegas dinner, but rather indulging yourself with a much more modern feel and eating tapas or “finger foods” that help create that cordial ambience that the Spaniards are known for achieving in their culture. Firefly* has definitely achieved that kind of free-spirited environment. Here in Las Vegas, there is no other place that can achieve this creativity with food as good as our city allows. We are living in a city that provides 24-hr. entertainment, very much like most European countries. Eat late and chat the night away, Firefly* is the spot deserving its reputation as one of the best menus in town. Try traditional Spanish tapas like Ceviche and Tortilla a la española, which has egg, potato, onion, garlic and filled with goodness, or try more popular menu items such as the dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon, Firefly*fries seasoned with parmesan, herbs and aioli and you can’t leave without ordering a pitcher of the house made Sangria, especially in this Vegas heat, it is so refreshing, take a sip and you’ll feel like you’re sitting outside at a café in Barcelona chatting about life, travel, family, girlfriends, boyfriends and anything that your mind really captures amongst your friends. Not only does Firefly* have great food, but they are also known for having the greatest and certainly, the most friendliest service. Don’t be surprised if your waiter or waitress strolls by your table and begins to talk to you seeming as if they’ve known you for a while, long-lost friends, that’s the kind of service Firefly* brings. Come welcome Firefly’s newest location downtown with a grand opening on September 10th bringing our own Mayor Oscar Goodman to help us celebrate the newest addition to our most promising and evolving Downtown Las Vegas. [Event details to follow]

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News & Releases


Eunice Kennedy Shriver dies at age 88. Pictured above in 1953, the same year she was married to Robert Sargent Shriver Jr. who founded the Peace Corps, Eunice was part of one of most prominent families of America, the Kennedy's. Founder of Special Olympics, she was extremely active and dedicated tremendous hope and change for many.


Instead of making sculptures, try growing them.

Listen to Karen O's new song for the Where the Wild Things Are, a new film based on a classic children book & directed by Spike Jonez coming out in October. Soundtrack available September 29th.

+ +

Very new, hand printed items from Barcelona artist, Emil Kozak for his new "easy rider" collection.
Vince Vaughn always has me laughing. Keep your eyes open for his new comedy coming soon in October, Couples Retreat

some new likes

Nothing like a pair of golden Toms

Loving these olive ninja sandals by Muzina

Loose Pocket Pant by Kai-aakmann

Oh, Dear Sunday Night...

This Sunday night, take some time to go over your schedule for the upcoming week and plan some exercise time. It's easy to make the excuse that you just don't have time to work out, so make it a priority before anything else comes up. Take out your daily planner, or you can print out this free downloadable fitness journal, and write down the days you're going to the gym or to your Pilates class. Jot down what afternoons you're planning to walk with your girlfriend at lunch, or when you're going to do a Kung Fu Kickboxing DVD in your living room. If you write it down, you're more likely to stick to it and won't let an appointment, errand, or meeting get in the way.
For article go here.

two-hundred ish

A section of Douglas Coupland's home in Vancouver. Spools of Thread, I'd love to have this in my house. And, yes you may pull on the string. Although, I think I'd like it back in it's original wood instead of white.

You know that facebook is the most one of the fastest-growing and best-known sites on the Internet today with more than 200 MILLION active users! That is just plain, c-r-a-z-y. What has our world come to today??!

I need to get myself one of these. It seems so relaxing to just type away without a big screen in front of you. I used to love playing on my mom's typewriter when I was a kid, but I remember she'd always tend to get upset at me because I somehow would break it every time I did play with it. Baby blue vintage typewriter belongs to Papernstitch.

Great new work by Laura George.
Does this book look familiar at all? Well, if it does...you might of already seen 500 Days of Summer.

Not every movie can have a happy ending. This is that kind of movie.

I think it was a good film, but not great. Its a little complicated, for me at least.

Quote from book:
"In architecture, as in so much else, we cast around for explanations to our troubles and fix on platitudinous targets. We get angry when we should realize we are sad and tear down ancient streets when we ought instead to introduce proper sanitation and street lights. We learn the wrong lessons from our griefs while grasping in vain for the origins of contentment...

For article on 500 Days of Summer, please go here.

Boobies & Hairchest

Ceramic, porcelain....stone...when I have a little extra cash I need to get some tile work in our home. I can see myself doing this probably when I'm in my 40's may be? When we are ready to settle into one home. I love Spanish tile though, everything about it..the colors, the various patterns. Look at this room above. Its enriched with so much color. Tints & tones of blue, sky blue, baby blue, or more so aqua? It's like this big functional coral reef used to bake or cook empanadas...would love to spend an afternoon in here.


Leandro Erlich's bâtiment & swimming pool installations ...indescribable work, breath taking.

If anyone knows where to get these paper plates, please please let me know. They are so much fun. Photographed while house-sitting by James.

Scout Holiday's wedding seemed divine full, full of spirit & funn-ness, of tiny paper planes, driftwood birdies, painted flags & tableclothes...so talented! Congratulations!

Peaceful, quiet nice place to nap. A ranch home near the pacific ocean in California.

Bikes & Cabinets

Totem bike for wedding transportation!? Why didn't I think of this?!


What a great *vintage* find this cabinet is, not to mention that....manican! Its fabulous!

Sweet & Sassy

Loving these visuals from Stylist, Meghan

Bronze, Clarke Quay, SIngapore

I absolutely love this.

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