design & styling of frieda maria is tidy, lucid & organized. me encante. luvv it.

..these textiles, folkloristic..extraordinary.

J.D. Salinger, famous "for not being famous", author of the classic (though, controversial) Catcher in the Rye died yesterday at the age of 91 in his home in New Hampshire. Pictured above as young and modest, Salinger had been in seclusion for more than a quarter of his life up until his death, maybe ever earlier.

cut it out

..immaculate. Artist: Jayme McGowan of Sacramento, California. She also has her own blog, Roadside Projects where she keeps us updated with her work progress, inspiration, and other nice thingss.

. . . . .

..the rain is nice here, the sound of it trickling on my roof, keeps me accompany.


Photographer Mark Roper


happy now

why is it that we always want what we don't get much of.

rain! it has been pouring down these past three days here in las vegas. i love it, it's kind and charming in it's ways of changing one's mood. thanks mother nature.

guirland candy

i'm putting on my legwarmers.


tu tu's n capes

a brilliant, imaginative collection by wovenplay


Confetti, dazzle, bangles, scraps, or even cinematic in a way, ever since approaching the new year, I've had this urge to do anything with any of these things. Maybe its the party play thing for adults that is becoming quite the trend, I find it beautiful such as the sculptural work of Katharina Trudzinski (Germany). Katharina in collaboration with two other textile-designers Anne Schwätzler, and sister, Johanna Trudzinski founded their label Hui Hui in 2002. If anyone knows how to combine art and fashion, these girls do. The only place where you can find Hui Hui in the states is inside of Travessia in NYC, a boutique/gallery that shows art intallations and hard to find European and Japanese designers, who not only create the clothes, but the cloth as well. For Hui Hui's Summer 2010 collection, go here. Folkloristic-ethnic, building blocks, old wooden puzzles we used to play with as kids, whatever it might remind one of, I find it exhilirating.


have you heard of Apartmento Magazine?

Might be my newest interior magazine favorite by the looks of it...



Unlike, many...American interior magazines might I add:

"Apartamento is not that kind of magazine that tells you what furniture you should buy or how you should decorate your flat. It’s quite the other way around: this Spanish-Italian venture is all about having a glimpse at how people organise their daily environment."

They do indeed shoot interiors of those living in bigger cities such as NYC, who work in a fairly, creative field. And most do tend to have a smaller space, which is common living in the big city. Apartamento's visuals seems to show how that space is managed. Read more on Apartamento on Shift.Jp. So, no more tidy interiors. Thank Goodness. Get with the real mundo, people...next time I let some photographer drop inside my home, I'll make sure not to worry and not tidy much. More post-materialist interiors magazines please.

A couple bloggers that I have love for >in respect for their interior eye is:
The Selby, he's from LA, but he is amazing.
Fine Little Day, Sweden.
Les Zigouis, France.



I'm ready to shoot some interiors, oh wait thats right MY CAMERA IS LOST!
Sadly, I'll miss you Mr. Canon.


"Tradition must be honored and promoted for the betterment of all, the loss of tradition values is the most likely culprit"

Currently reading Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat. All about a French woman's philosophy and lifestyle that includes...drinking wine, taking the time to set the table, taking note of your offenders (bad habits)...this book doesn't get any better for a girl that just wants to cruise around the grocery store, splurge on some tasty ingredients and mix them all up at home, invite friends over, and have a dinner party, a real dinner party. Mireille just recently came out with her newest book that came out this past October, Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Fare: Business Sense & Sensibility...a guide to navigating the working world as a lady. Mireille is the senior executive of Veuve Cliquot Champagne and gives numerous tips on how to succeed in the world of business, bettering your communication skills, balancing work & life, and much more. Read a great Q & A with Mireille about her newest book.

hi, sir


Since we have all this positive energy (well, I do!) with starting the new year and all, I hope we can all be more aware. Of things. So, here you go, sir.


I'm back home and ready to start this year. I have lots of plans and lots of ideas for the new twenty ten. Let the party begin...
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It was great to get away for a second and visit some friends for New Years weekend. This little gem treated us swell during the holiday, with friends and smiles and much love.

What are your New Years resolutions?

I have more than a few resolutions, but my top 5 are: 1.) Maintaining a healthy & active lifestyle. (duh, right?) 2.) Apply to graduate school. 3.) Job! = Save $, and keep up with our travel fund, so we are able to travel far, far away to beautiful, magical lit-up places. 4.) Keep writing and keep reading. 5.) The big move, escape from this desert. Please.


On the way back home from Reno, we stopped by in Fallon, Nevada to take some pictures.

It was super foggy, snowy...it was a good change to come near to, while escaping home.
Whatever you decide what your resolutions are...think big and go with them, make it happen..

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