Confetti, dazzle, bangles, scraps, or even cinematic in a way, ever since approaching the new year, I've had this urge to do anything with any of these things. Maybe its the party play thing for adults that is becoming quite the trend, I find it beautiful such as the sculptural work of Katharina Trudzinski (Germany). Katharina in collaboration with two other textile-designers Anne Schwätzler, and sister, Johanna Trudzinski founded their label Hui Hui in 2002. If anyone knows how to combine art and fashion, these girls do. The only place where you can find Hui Hui in the states is inside of Travessia in NYC, a boutique/gallery that shows art intallations and hard to find European and Japanese designers, who not only create the clothes, but the cloth as well. For Hui Hui's Summer 2010 collection, go here. Folkloristic-ethnic, building blocks, old wooden puzzles we used to play with as kids, whatever it might remind one of, I find it exhilirating.

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