have you heard of Apartmento Magazine?

Might be my newest interior magazine favorite by the looks of it...



Unlike, many...American interior magazines might I add:

"Apartamento is not that kind of magazine that tells you what furniture you should buy or how you should decorate your flat. It’s quite the other way around: this Spanish-Italian venture is all about having a glimpse at how people organise their daily environment."

They do indeed shoot interiors of those living in bigger cities such as NYC, who work in a fairly, creative field. And most do tend to have a smaller space, which is common living in the big city. Apartamento's visuals seems to show how that space is managed. Read more on Apartamento on Shift.Jp. So, no more tidy interiors. Thank Goodness. Get with the real mundo, people...next time I let some photographer drop inside my home, I'll make sure not to worry and not tidy much. More post-materialist interiors magazines please.

A couple bloggers that I have love for >in respect for their interior eye is:
The Selby, he's from LA, but he is amazing.
Fine Little Day, Sweden.
Les Zigouis, France.



I'm ready to shoot some interiors, oh wait thats right MY CAMERA IS LOST!
Sadly, I'll miss you Mr. Canon.

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Jenny at Dos Family said...

Hey! That mag. looks amazing. I went straight to the webpage and started to subsrice. Apparently the first 3 issues are sold out. But hopefully I will get no. 4.

Thanks for sharing.

PS. yes the family photo-tour is still on.

joanita said...



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