i usually try to avoid posting any album art. And frankly, because I feel as if it gets too complicated. overwhelming. at moments.

you might ask.

Well. because there is so00- many creative, exceptional, and brilliant album art out there now-a-days (and not to mention, old record album art....THAT's a whole different story, I stopped collecting record art because it became a space-issue in our place)

It is all so-super exciting to me. but at the same time, we all see repetitiveness and when that does happen that's when I get overwhelmed, but now giving more thought, I think I should be posting more since I do occasionally look at it and am always in awe when I do see those albums that I love to just grab and look at.

In relation, stylists (like me) tend to do that exact thing. they tend to not necessarily as the saying goes, "judge a book by it's cover", but more importantly, just pick it up as it is for the appealing and self-fulfilling aspect of it. and keep it. listen to it. read it. do whatever our heart desires to do with it.
More recently, Pitchfork wrote a great article on album art describing the musician's intention and the controversy of album art.
You know how we always think and want to be a million things when we grow up?
Well, one of those million careers would have to be this: An Album Art Specialist. Does that even exist? I would sure hope so. ...Art Theory of Album Art?

so. toast. to a new beginning. let's begin with some of my latest loves & their contributing artists:

1.) Four Tet. -Rounds. Album art by photographer, Jason Evans, who has worked on all of Four Tet's albums. His website kind of makes me dizzy.

2.) Wolf Parade. -Expo 86. An original image of a young Dante DeCaro and his two cousins.

3.) The National. -High Violet. Amazing sculpture art by Mark Fox. Check out some of his other pieces, you will be in shock how awesome this artist is.

4.) Sunset Rubdown. -Dragonslayer. Feather font...need I say more?




See what I mean? It's a continuous battle.

Never ending. But I can't stop, but loving it.


i've been kind of addicted to gq. no shame at all. it's great. recently, the style for men has been blowing my mind away. it's fantastic. like these slip-ons taken during fashion week of London. they aren't quite espadrilles, but the detail is impressive and the sole gives it a more of a classy look.

Polaroid #9

on the ferry.

i love rope.

i'm getting excited for this fall and all the new & fabulous products out there. i gathered a couple of my favorite items above: 1.) Complex Geometries 2.) Monki Jolene Boots 3.) All for the Mountain, Avalanche Bolo rope/necklace



this would be a special gift. please check out, Studio Violet's new book, The Life of Mr.Mustache
it's quite pristine.

new items at bows & bandits.


what kind of films have you been watching? (that means you, jen!) :)

watch the trailer for toilet.

are you a tweeter? follow me.

nickelson wooster. well done.

blowing my mind away. - the original Tom's.


Polaroid #8

it was a great day to play some tennis.


a mouthful...



Add Image

House of Orange has some really incredible photographers and stylists handy including one of my favorite stylists, Pia Jane.




Dutch designer, Marjan Verboeket is extremely talented. Check out some of her other designs at Studio Papas.

Doesn't this look fun?

I want to dress up.

and play.

Who's in? ?

Stylist: Elle Verhagen




Castle made from milk cartons. Well done .

Jimmy Fallon's show last night was amazing. I love Amy Poehler, I think she is the funniest girl. And Quest Love's set?? That was pure genius!

gotta get me these banana grams.

on the street

recently discovered. a fashion blog ist. from here, Seattle (!) Le 21ème Arrondissement.

i will look at you often.

very, lovely, photos.

behind it all: Adam Sinding.


Polaroid #7

went to the arborteum today.

saw many pretty things.

we are two years together now, today.
ben and i.

i find things in him everyday that i didn't know the day before.

it's a wonderful thing.


clara von zweigbergk
designs illustrations for books and spends her time on other numerous creative projects. her clients have included Boffi and Armani & Alessi to name a couple.

Polaroid 6

at the bus stop.

got home.

i locked myself out.
crawled through the small bathroom window, i felt like i was 6 again.


- - - -

triangle cascade.

happy 90210.




in love. this. from the new collection over at Ianire Soraluze.
thanks, ithunter.

write with chalk.

love these crochet wire coat hangers.

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