i usually try to avoid posting any album art. And frankly, because I feel as if it gets too complicated. overwhelming. at moments.

you might ask.

Well. because there is so00- many creative, exceptional, and brilliant album art out there now-a-days (and not to mention, old record album art....THAT's a whole different story, I stopped collecting record art because it became a space-issue in our place)

It is all so-super exciting to me. but at the same time, we all see repetitiveness and when that does happen that's when I get overwhelmed, but now giving more thought, I think I should be posting more since I do occasionally look at it and am always in awe when I do see those albums that I love to just grab and look at.

In relation, stylists (like me) tend to do that exact thing. they tend to not necessarily as the saying goes, "judge a book by it's cover", but more importantly, just pick it up as it is for the appealing and self-fulfilling aspect of it. and keep it. listen to it. read it. do whatever our heart desires to do with it.
More recently, Pitchfork wrote a great article on album art describing the musician's intention and the controversy of album art.
You know how we always think and want to be a million things when we grow up?
Well, one of those million careers would have to be this: An Album Art Specialist. Does that even exist? I would sure hope so. ...Art Theory of Album Art?

so. toast. to a new beginning. let's begin with some of my latest loves & their contributing artists:

1.) Four Tet. -Rounds. Album art by photographer, Jason Evans, who has worked on all of Four Tet's albums. His website kind of makes me dizzy.

2.) Wolf Parade. -Expo 86. An original image of a young Dante DeCaro and his two cousins.

3.) The National. -High Violet. Amazing sculpture art by Mark Fox. Check out some of his other pieces, you will be in shock how awesome this artist is.

4.) Sunset Rubdown. -Dragonslayer. Feather font...need I say more?




See what I mean? It's a continuous battle.

Never ending. But I can't stop, but loving it.

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