July Flyer is out for 1st Friday


Big hairpieces aren't just for runways anymore. They are being seen everywhere. From the streets of London, New York, Los Angeles and now even used as car-sages to add a little bit of a feminine touch inside your ride. One particular designer, Johnny Loves Rosie based out of the UK has one solid aim, to create accessories to love. Accessories were a big hit of the Fall runways in 2008 and are continuing to be seen throughout summer worn as hair pieces, added to wardrobe for just a cute extra touch of femininity. Choose from thirties and forties inspired hair clips, handbags and crystal accessories. Like mentioned earlier, Johnny Loves Rosie also is starting to carry your own car-sage! Recently teaming up with UK's Vauxhall Agila to create the very first car-sage, a giant flower accessory solely dedicated to put in your car. For those who are getting married, these accessories are a great to pair up with bridal wear. To name just a few celebrities that have a slight girl crush on Johnny Loves Rosie are Sarah Jessica Parker, Leona Lewis, Tamara Mellon and Pixie Geldolf. Finally, in such a budget concsious economy, accessories fit right in! Check out the rest here: www.johnnylovesrosie.co.uk

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Interview with Clare Rojas


A few days back, I posted an Artist Analysis on Clare Rojas. I now had the opportunity to ask Clare personally, a few random questions, so here they are from the lovely San Francisco based artist, Clare Rojas.


Good Morning Sunshine


6:45am- hittin snooze

6:55am-still hittin snooze

7:05am- last time hittin snooze

7:10am- rollin out of bed!!

7:15am- brewing coffee

7:20am- eating a croissant with an egg

7:40am- watering my precious plants

8:00am- writing a post & wrapping up before headin to work!

see you soon~

La La Naranja

My most current obsession is the color: Orange.

Clockwise: Pierre Cardin Platform Slingbacks {at} Vintage Surplus, 1978 Kodak Instant Camera {at} Made by Mavis, Vintage Thermos {at} Brickhouse, Orange Striped Pencil Skirt {at} Hot Vintage, Chicago Rollerskates {at} Golly Miss Molly

Oh, Ryantown.
Glint from Barcelona. Holding collections from local artists in Spain and throughout Europe.

The face painting is brilliant.

Beautiful images.

Beautiful shop.

happy days

happy FATHER's day to my Pop.

best POP ever.

ALSO happy birthday to my mama.

LOVE you both.

On a Thursday, I see...

Love these pure, spacious homes.

The two photos above are from inside the home of skateboarder & musician for Space Vacation, Jay Shapiro and interior designer, Claire Bigbie located in San Francisco. Their style is remarkable.

These cyclists traveled for three days in Provence, France just in town for a wedding. They went along with this "DIY" cyclist tour, called Cyclomundo that offers trips not only in France, but in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. The idea is simple, a guided or self-guided bicycle tour, very different from your "common" too-heavily guided tour companies. Too read the full story, go here. Traveling on wheels? Is on my dream list for sure. Especially, in Spain.

How beautiful is this morning haze lying on top of the tropical vegetation surrounding Pearl Lagoon in Nicaragua.

What do you guys think about Regina Spektor? Her voice is lovely...

MoMA just did a full length banner photograph in New York of staff members, friends, family...anyone who wanted to volunteer! To be put on along 53rd street's fence...How awesome would it be to be in this!

Google & Starving Artists

Melinda Beck is one of the few that rejected Google's offer to have her art work exposed on their new Web browser. Without a doubt, Google is exposed to millions of people each single day. A company who makes million of dollars should have no problem compensating their artists for contributing their work on their Google image. But that isn't the case for Google. Google's new web browser is based off their previous web browser, iGoogle, a personalized home page where common artists have contributed their work to be used as skins whom included Jeff Koons, Bob Dylan and Gucci. With such an exciting opportunity for artists' work to be exposed to millions, Google believes that even without monetary compensation, it is still a really unique experience and it should be taken just as that. Melinda, who graduated in 89' from Rhode Island School of Design has had tremendous amount of exposure with her work including inside publications such as Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and Time Magazine. Artists, especially now in our economy want to get paid for their art work to be exposed. Though, an opportunity like this for any recent fine art graduate would be overwhelmed with excitement and probably thrilled about getting any type of recognition for their work. There are so many amazing young artists that don't have any opportunities like these. There should be a random selection on young art students around the states to be included in an opportunity like Google's.
Something with such valuable exposure would definitely have a positive affect on so many different young starving artists and the ability for them to get going in their creative career. As of now, Google is continuing to work on their new web browser's project with artists that have previously worked with known publications such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek and The New York Times.

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Pinball Madness

The Northwest Pinball & Gameroom Show was held just past weekend in Seattle, WA.

Inside the Pin Ball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.
Telekinesis plays inside NPR's little office. Its real amazing and its real cute.

Green mustaches? Brilliant. Ivan & Aloysha.

Above two visuals are from the amazing Seattle based photographer, Jenny Jimenez.

AA: Claire Rojas

If any of you are in Chicago, make sure to go visit her show, Believe Me at Kavi Gupta up until July 25th.

Visuals from fecal.
Ahh...these binoculars muse me.

Print by Bueller.

Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper Print from Tuttistudio.

Get these prints and more at Poppytalk's monthly themed handmade market!

tents are magical

i've been thinkin about back yard patios lately...

and getting some ideas.

i'm gonna go with the tents.


Tribal V Neck, $24

Silence & Noise Exposed Front Zipper Skirt, $58

Silence & Noise Boxy Crop Top, $38

Truly Madly Deeply Cropped Pocket Tank, $28

All above from Urban


Fun is Shared print by me.

The Sartorialist is fantastic.

Cute little people earrings by Karen Hagen.


..sometimes i just need to....

Argyle Whale.

photo booth, i love you.

Print from Hula70, another great etsy seller.
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