Unicorn tote.

Amigurumi Cactus.

All above are from the wonderful, Duduá in Barcelona, Spain.

...oh, the lovely

I'm going to need to get this....OH MYYYY!!! Isn't it just darn darn dot darn dot com cute? It's The Little Bandit, print from an original painting by The Black Apple. I remember strolling by Black Apple's booth at Renegade, but I'm not too sure if I seen this painting. I would of bought it. Then again, I was so busy at the fair...I wasn't able to spend as much time as I wanted to at every booth I saw! You gotta go visit their shop, The Black Apple...way way good stuff.

How cute is this Michelle Obama drawing? This isn't it...go peek some more to see what its all about! It gets cuter. By Jen Hewett
(yes, those are mustaches...!)

Cynically Delicious!

I almost forgot to mention these super yummy cupcakes that were at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco....they were to die for!!! I also bought the cutest pin from them, it said "Gordita" and, yes I sure was, I ate 2 cupcakes, one after another.

Mmmm....my mouth is literally. watering.

I think I had the Chai Tea flavor...ahh!!! Go see what other flavors they have, here!

Tea cart used as nightstand? Can't get any better than that.

oh, that teal telephone.

Nice way to display your plants.

July is flying.

Ahhh. ... yes.
Clever chalkboard pots...by the moxie sisters.

"Cloud Factory" by Pearson.

Go to 944 Magazine for my original article on Bat for Lashes.

oh, Natasha.

Natasha Kahn.

for Bat for Lashes.


- "Whenever I'm writing music it's a very visual place in my mind"

Purely beautiful. And I'm not just saying that cause I absolutely love her face painting (but yes I do LOVE it....)


Natasha, a British singer/songwriter, instrumentalist & a visual artist. She is super super talented. Her music is soft, poetic, magical & dreamy. She studied art and has always painted before even producing music. I love it, in a recent interview by Rob Miles of Platforms Magazine goes on to ask when in the process of songwriting, would she consider it similar to that of art making. Natasha's response is very similar to the way I've always believed it should be in relation to being asked a question like this one. As an artist, I've always felt that during the process of my art making, there has to be a much similar feeling to that of song writing. I remember in my studio during art school, I'd always be listening to music (and also because at 3 in the morning, it would be a good distraction for me thinking no bums are in the art hallway...on occasion our school doors would be open and late at night bums would flow in...for a place to sleep) as for me, I've always appreciated the sound of music more so than lyrics...but as time permits, I've paid more attention to the lyrics of songs. I guess its different when someone is making art work...thinking visually & such. My dream once was to become a singer. Realistically speaking, I thought it was crazy, so I kept doing art and I love it. This is what Natasha's response was, "I like an eclectic mix of visuals and I like eclectic mixtures of instruments and I think it is kind of a layering process and i guess you get the bones of something... and then it's about not judging things that might not seem to go together conventionally - hip hop beats and auto harps and whatever..." She couldn't have said it any better. In a way that is very similar on how my thoughts process while making my art work, working with collage, material, textile...it all just makes sense to me.

A cute bat mobile, but NOT the Batmobile!

Her voice is sweet and soft. Listening to her songs are calming & her lyrics are good too.
Recently, just last week Bat for Lashes' Two Suns album was nominated for the 2009 Mercury Prize.


Natasha Khan is currently living by the sea in England. Listen to 'Moon and Moon' by Bat for Lashes on NPR.
B is for bat.

Battle on Mont Ventoux

In 1970, Eddie Merckx "The Cannibal" climbing up Mount Ventoux (6,273 ft.)


Great picture of the top of the summit of Mont Ventoux, the famous climb of Tour de France.

The man did it. After 4 yrs. without riding, he took a podium stand with third! Yes!!!


Lemoney Lime Tour

The home of Italian's Etsy seller, Paola. And boy is it, divine.

Cute little friends hanging out on the window sill.

Metal storage, perfect cheap way to keep things tidy.

Love the color of that paint.

The lime green is limicious!

Go visit Paola's etsy store and her blog.

Happy Handmade!

Back in 944 January’s issue of this year, we wrote an article ‘V is For Vanguard’, entrepreneurs that lead the visionary new school of cool. Out of the sixteen entrepreneurs that were listed, one of them by the name of Rob Kalin came to mind this past weekend. Kalin is the Co-Founder & Board Member of Etsy.com. Honored to meet a couple of the staff members at the Etsy booth this past event at San Francisco’s Renegade Craft Fair including Jesse who works with the business development for Etsy, the Renegade Craft Fair is the largest do-it-yourself arts and crafts fair held with more than 200 artists around the country coming into the bay area after making its stops around Chicago, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. The fair was first started in Chicago of 2003 and has continued to put on the most exciting event in the arts & crafts. Sue Daly, who was first introduced to crafting by her mom, is one of the brilliants behind the fair. With designing jewelry (www.timberhandmade.com) she also runs Renegade Handmade shop in Chicago, where people can find handmade items for sale from all over. A lot of these handmade items have been seen on Etsy and for those who aren’t familiar with Etsy (which I wouldn’t understand why not, it is one of New York’s most talked about tech start-ups) it is a site where more than 500,000 sellers are registered to sell their creative makings and only employs about 50 people! Like mentioned in our January issue, with more than two million sales in 2008 alone. Their vision is simple, Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade. Pretty similar to that of Renegade Craft Fair only that Renegade puts on THE show like no other! San Francisco’s Renegade Craft Fair was held at the old, much appreciated Fort Mason Center this past weekend (July 18th & 19th). It had its handmade clothing, accessories, plush creatures, mustaches, face painting (callepompon.blogspot.com), piano cyclists…anything you can imagine creative & handmade! Visual above covers some favorites, but believe…there were way too many more favorites. Beginning from #1 is Liverpool’s native, Kate Sutton’s Six 1” Tea Themed Badges, katesutton.etsy.com #2 is Portland’s Elizabeth Soule’s print from one of her magnificent original Polaroid’s of Elephant on Map, esoule.etsy.com #3 is kg & ab’s Three Miniature Forest Animals, Fox, Owl and Deer…handmade from a vintage mold, kgrandey.etsy.com #4 is Hungry Hairbeast, a print of an original ink illustration by laurageorge.etsy.com #5 is Kristen’s True Love Necklace featuring Monkey and Forest. 1.5” charm with vintage beads SuspectShoppe.etsy.com and last, but not least, #6 is San Francisco’s artist, Lisa Congdon’s Mountain Dweller Randolph, gouache on masonite portrait of man, lisacongdon.etsy.com For a complete list of artists that attended the fair, please visit www.renegadecraft.com Hope you all enjoyed our favorites as much as we did! Happy Handmade!

For original post, please go to 944 Magazine.

Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco 2009

Thank you Thank you for everyone coming out to Renegade's 2nd Annual Craft Fair in San Francisco. It was truly a blast. Here are most of the pictures from the fair that I took and from the rest of our trip! Have fun looking & leave comments on your experience at the fair!

Driving into foggy city...its a nice feeling

We were lucky to stay at a friend's place in the city near Geary Blvd., which wasn't far from Fort Mason at all! (Thank goodness! Since all the loading & unloading of set up in our car...)

I couldn't stop taking pictures, I had to remind myself of how much I love this city for what it is for...creativity, good food, history, it's people, individuality...ALL of the above!

Got some late night food Friday night & went to bed early cause we had a big day ahead of us!

All did up & ready to get our craft on.

Day #1 at the Renegade Craft Fair:

Our booth set up, and ready to get the day started..

Without him I couldn't of done this! xo.

A detail of my booth, the Renegade Owl was the #1 option on the menu for face paintings!

Visual above from Hanna Quevedo of SF Weekly

Sue from Renegade, making it happen! Thanks Renegade Staff!
(I think you can kind of see I was a bit cold! SF is chilly!! )

The face painting begins...
I don't know what it is in the air of San Francisco or what, but the cutest kids are from here!

Just outside of the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center.

These girls were so much fun.

Visual above by Anita K
Erin from I Made You a Beard.

So much creativity went on in one big Pavilion.
So simple, but so wonderful.

Visual above from here.

Visual above from Renegade.

The talented Lisa Congdon.

I really love this girl's stuff. Kate rules!

Visual above from Renegade.

Benny & I gettin are photo taken by Magnolia Photo Booth. Check out the rest of the hilarious pictures that were taken here.

The brilliant behind the mag booth!

Seibei booth.Every little girl wanted to be a kitty kat.


She wanted me to match her get up, and so I did....!

Garland love.

And so the day was ending at the Renegade Fair.....on to a nice San Francisco night outting...

Oh, the bus rides......

This girl was from Denmark and she was super cool, made the late night bus rides 100 times better.

This little ballet boutique was around the corner where we stayed at. I couldn't resist taking a snap shot of it...its just simply cute.



Day #2 at the Renegade Craft Fair:

This is me saying so long Renegade! It was surely a wonderful time! Can't wait till next time.

The next day we drove to Modesto, California before leaving back home to Las Vegas to meet with our good friends and do some camping by the wine vineyards. It ended the trip perfectly!

For more photos of the Renegade Craft Fair in San Fran, please go here



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