Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco 2009

Thank you Thank you for everyone coming out to Renegade's 2nd Annual Craft Fair in San Francisco. It was truly a blast. Here are most of the pictures from the fair that I took and from the rest of our trip! Have fun looking & leave comments on your experience at the fair!

Driving into foggy city...its a nice feeling

We were lucky to stay at a friend's place in the city near Geary Blvd., which wasn't far from Fort Mason at all! (Thank goodness! Since all the loading & unloading of set up in our car...)

I couldn't stop taking pictures, I had to remind myself of how much I love this city for what it is for...creativity, good food, history, it's people, individuality...ALL of the above!

Got some late night food Friday night & went to bed early cause we had a big day ahead of us!

All did up & ready to get our craft on.

Day #1 at the Renegade Craft Fair:

Our booth set up, and ready to get the day started..

Without him I couldn't of done this! xo.

A detail of my booth, the Renegade Owl was the #1 option on the menu for face paintings!

Visual above from Hanna Quevedo of SF Weekly

Sue from Renegade, making it happen! Thanks Renegade Staff!
(I think you can kind of see I was a bit cold! SF is chilly!! )

The face painting begins...
I don't know what it is in the air of San Francisco or what, but the cutest kids are from here!

Just outside of the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center.

These girls were so much fun.

Visual above by Anita K
Erin from I Made You a Beard.

So much creativity went on in one big Pavilion.
So simple, but so wonderful.

Visual above from here.

Visual above from Renegade.

The talented Lisa Congdon.

I really love this girl's stuff. Kate rules!

Visual above from Renegade.

Benny & I gettin are photo taken by Magnolia Photo Booth. Check out the rest of the hilarious pictures that were taken here.

The brilliant behind the mag booth!

Seibei booth.Every little girl wanted to be a kitty kat.


She wanted me to match her get up, and so I did....!

Garland love.

And so the day was ending at the Renegade Fair.....on to a nice San Francisco night outting...

Oh, the bus rides......

This girl was from Denmark and she was super cool, made the late night bus rides 100 times better.

This little ballet boutique was around the corner where we stayed at. I couldn't resist taking a snap shot of it...its just simply cute.



Day #2 at the Renegade Craft Fair:

This is me saying so long Renegade! It was surely a wonderful time! Can't wait till next time.

The next day we drove to Modesto, California before leaving back home to Las Vegas to meet with our good friends and do some camping by the wine vineyards. It ended the trip perfectly!

For more photos of the Renegade Craft Fair in San Fran, please go here



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urbansardines said...

great pix! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a blast the Renegade fair was! Can't wait til next year!

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like fun! Lot of eye candy.

erin dollar said...

you guys did such an amazing job with the face painting! i loved seeing all the kids walk by with moustaches! it was great meeting you, too, sorry if i was a bit scatter-brained... it was so busy!

it's me ...Twinkie Chan! said...

JOOOOAAANNNE!!! It was sooo nice to meet you!!! Great photos of all the faces!!!! Thanks for sending me your blog link. I will add it to my reader!!!!!!!! xoxo

kate sutton said...

amazing pics from the fair : ) k xx

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