Our official blog name
is Calle Pompón.

This is serious and for sure since I have put a lot of time into thinking of our name. For the record, I started out with "My Little Way" about a year ago & never thought I would love blogging this much that its time to get serious and make our name serious. I came up with "My Little Way" because I wanted a place to share my ideas,, fashion, craft, decor...etc. And it was just super easy to begin with it as a name, so I did it (without thinking). But for quite some time now, I thought that it just didn't sound right. It isn't really my little way...its our little way...all of us are constantly creating, researching, and reading about whether it be fashion or art, and I respect that a lot. We are all en route.... I thought to myself, that I need to hurry and think of a name quickly. So, I came to this realization: "The Little Prince" has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now...written by French writer, Antoine de Saint-
Exupéry. And in the story (I'll try to make this short) the narrator asks the Little Prince to draw him a sheep, and so he does. But he does this very carefully by drawing a sheep inside of a box with holes on the surface of the box. The Little Prince knew the sheep was inside that box without even questioning...the story is just great, a lot of really profound examples of just plain human nature. I thought it was funny and a coincidence that my blog name, "My Little Way" ...thinking of it as "Our Little Way" reminds me of the story. It was the narrator's way of drawing a sheep, no one else. But "The Little Prince" knew this, and they learned from each other. "The Little Prince" traveled to different lands, well asteroids throughout the story. A journey. Sheep. When flocking, sheep have a follow-lead tendency, crowding together like a big cloud. I think its interesting that they do this as do we. There is never one lead in a herd of sheep. There is never one follower. But they are always in route as are we. And this is how I came up with Calle, which means "street" in Spanish. I also thought since it is a story in french and french being this tasteful, romantic language, I'd continue with the language tact, but used Spanish instead of french since I'm Spanish myself. And then I added on "Pompón", which means literally, "a decorative ball of fluff", I thought this was so vague, but so perfect! I sometimes think of this blog as a big ball of fluff stuff. I hope this isn't an inconvenience for any of you & please tell everyone that we have changed our web address & name!

I will be making adjustments as time permits. For everyone who will be at San Francisco's Renegade Fair....We will be there as Calle Pompón, though the link on Renegade's web site is still My Little Way until it changes. I will be making this change as soon as possible with the guys & gals over at Renegade. You won't miss me though because my booth will be right across from Renegade's welcome booth!! Can't wait to meet all of you. :)

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