Latin Alternative Music Conference
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The 10th annual Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), a global event comes back to New York, a raging five day event. The festival brings together musicians and businesspeople who are dedicated to Latin Alternative and features exhibitions, concerts, parties, and art. Magazines that participated were Billboard, Alternative Press, Latina Magazine, La Banda Elastica along with well-known U.S. and Latino labels, new media companies and agencies. The conference serves as a global event since the most prestigious latino labels are in fact coming from around the globe, South America and Spain to be exact. This year about 1,400 people participated, which is pretty steady as far as bringing it about in this recession. Along with some of the bands across the Americas and Spain, Calle 13, a Puerto Rican hip-hop and reggaetón group performed as well as the Colombian group called Bomba Estéreo that play psychedelic cumbia. Bomba Estereo's (pictured above) goal is to bring in their tradition as fun, danceable Colombian rhythmn, champeta with reggae backbeats. Plenty of other musicians performed such as Curumin, a singer from São Paulo, Brazil that includes a bass & drum beat with a traditional 1980's samba-soul. Los Deliqüentes, from Spain, played wry flamenco-pop that included passages for kazoo. Maluca, from New York City, opened up with a techno-merengue-hip-hop dance beat. A more popular musician, Manu Chao, a French born singer of Spanish was also at the conference. Manu Chao sings in Spanish, French, English, Arabic and Portuguese! Sometimes even in more languages.
Tomas Cookman who founded LAMC together with Josh Norek, said “It's not going to be (Latin Alternative) exploding tomorrow and then gone nine months later. It's not about one song, one band, one dance, move, one fashion...we don't need our Macerena moment.” And it sure isn't going to be the, “Next big thing”, but surely it will continue its progress in having more of a bilingual audience here in the states.
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