oh, Natasha.

Natasha Kahn.

for Bat for Lashes.


- "Whenever I'm writing music it's a very visual place in my mind"

Purely beautiful. And I'm not just saying that cause I absolutely love her face painting (but yes I do LOVE it....)


Natasha, a British singer/songwriter, instrumentalist & a visual artist. She is super super talented. Her music is soft, poetic, magical & dreamy. She studied art and has always painted before even producing music. I love it, in a recent interview by Rob Miles of Platforms Magazine goes on to ask when in the process of songwriting, would she consider it similar to that of art making. Natasha's response is very similar to the way I've always believed it should be in relation to being asked a question like this one. As an artist, I've always felt that during the process of my art making, there has to be a much similar feeling to that of song writing. I remember in my studio during art school, I'd always be listening to music (and also because at 3 in the morning, it would be a good distraction for me thinking no bums are in the art hallway...on occasion our school doors would be open and late at night bums would flow in...for a place to sleep) as for me, I've always appreciated the sound of music more so than lyrics...but as time permits, I've paid more attention to the lyrics of songs. I guess its different when someone is making art work...thinking visually & such. My dream once was to become a singer. Realistically speaking, I thought it was crazy, so I kept doing art and I love it. This is what Natasha's response was, "I like an eclectic mix of visuals and I like eclectic mixtures of instruments and I think it is kind of a layering process and i guess you get the bones of something... and then it's about not judging things that might not seem to go together conventionally - hip hop beats and auto harps and whatever..." She couldn't have said it any better. In a way that is very similar on how my thoughts process while making my art work, working with collage, material, textile...it all just makes sense to me.

A cute bat mobile, but NOT the Batmobile!

Her voice is sweet and soft. Listening to her songs are calming & her lyrics are good too.
Recently, just last week Bat for Lashes' Two Suns album was nominated for the 2009 Mercury Prize.


Natasha Khan is currently living by the sea in England. Listen to 'Moon and Moon' by Bat for Lashes on NPR.
B is for bat.

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beans said...

I love her. I have 2 pictures of her hanging on my wall.

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