Hello Monday!

Happy Monday everyone. How was your weekend? My July 4th was great, good times with family and friends. Although, there were some things that got shaken up this past weekend and things are changing, but overall... I have decided and I am happy! Change is good. Right? I can stay strong! I'll just tell myself that I will. And I will.

This looks like a really nice & quiet spot to wake up, have some coffee & read a book.


Handmade decorative paper bowls. So pretty.

Get full coverage on the Tour de France...its going on right now...so exciting! They're on stage 4 today.


Loving this little ship.

Polaroid Luv. By Sophik.

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I always say change is a good thing - even if it doesn't seem like it at first. I hope all is well.

emedemarta said...

hi joanita!
thank you so much for your comment! it's a pleasure stopping by your blog :)

it's funny because last week i saw the tour de france from my home! it's not something usual but this year one stage was in barcelona!

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