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i hope aLL of your thanksgivings' were as good as mine was. even though i had to work today, i was super thrilled to hang out with the fam. the majority of the day. i helped my mom with the casseroles and my dad and her got the turkey goin...topped it with some fine spanish wine. what else can be said?
now with christmas around the corner, made especially for you, by me:

For more, please contact me.

you know....

i keep lookin at the clock.

i must go to bed now and snuggle with love.

but i want to read this last article...

and see this last photo.

and finish stitching this last stitch.


or may be i will just go night night and dream about being back in spain traveling w/ love, and eating scrumptious food.




thanksgiving is coming up.
good goood good food is on its way.

i will make some rolls.
and an autumn PIE.

and whats thanksgiving without the cranberry sauce?

get more ideas here: yummy

black black black is ALWAYS in

yes yes yes!
THESE are bracelets. Aren't they rad? check it ----> Cheek-ie

as some of you might know...as a make-up artist, I have to wear all black. I found some AWESOME ideas for sportin the black! check it out!

thnx to : stylebite!


Hairpin set, $5

Black Fringe Bracelet, $6

time to time.....

From time to time our bedroom seems to get a little better....

there is a charm in every detail.

but its only the beginning!

1.) candle holder, sold at Marshalls. $4.99 !
2.) wood- unknown. but probably sold at West Elm for about $100!! Comforter from Target. Ugly doll name is Moxie. She loves us and keeps us cozy at night time.



my dearest friend, miss emily scott, age:24, resides: las vegas

uses acrylic, mainly oil, spray paint. anything she can find around her cave to paint these large-scale portrait paintings. she's one of my closest friends, and has been a fabulous artist since the day in 1999 i met her.
For more of her work, or to contact her facebook: Emily Scott

Artist: Lianne Reed, resides: Las Vegas. She takes photos/paints. She's awesome.

Another great Las Vegas artist: Catherine Cruz

LAS VEGAS. the art scene here is just plain weird.

you must know someone or be dating someone that knows someone that might be on perhaps, good social terms with that someone to be PART of that little scene. Its almost as if I hear the same names over and over again. sure, sure, sure....everyone says that, thats everywhere. Everywhere in the US, or anywhere for that matter around the globe, but Las Vegas is a city with about 550,000 people. We compare that with big cities like LA, or SF...running about SF: 770,000 and LA: 3.8 million! Now, thats just insane. Las Vegas & SF are relatively close, but consider the outskirts of both cities. Las Vegas...bakersfield, pahrump? San Francisco....oakland? santa cruz? san jose? sacremento? the list goes on.......

For that matter, I've been in & out of what some people refer to as las vegas' "art scene", its way too complicated, but being a local here, I do have to say I still support and encourage that part of my city and hope to see more growth and more emerging artists within it, so here is some info on some galleries you might hit up when in Vegas.

Also, later I will be posting up some local artists that I think need as much recognition as those artists I hear about in Vegas all the time.

Dust Gallery
Current exhibition:
Contemporary Arts Collective
Current Exhibition: Catherine Borg
Las Vegas Art Museum
Current: Photographer Thomas R. Schiff

Fall Out Gallery
Main Gallery
.....will update with other galleries soon.

oh, vegas.

i just read this article on re-nest about las vegas' water dilemma.
"The Las Vegas Valley Water District is paying its residents to rip up their lawns in order to save water. Over the top? Brilliant? Too little too late? Well, here are the facts: Residents and businesses who qualify, can expect to be paid $1.50 for every square foot of grass they replace with water-efficient landscaping. According to Planetsave, in the first eight years of the measure, about six square miles of grass have been eliminated, saving 18 billion gallons of water."

these are some thoughts:
1.) bellagio water show: resourceful? water evaporates? non-resourceful? bizarre, absurd? i think ill vote on the bizarreness.
2.) i want REAL grass. no fake grass. i don't care if people can't "notice" the difference. I DO, and I refuse to put gross fake grass on my frontyard. all this fakeness that las vegas has, i can't take it anymore. i want to go see venice, i don't want to go to the venetian casino. i want to go see the real paris, france, the real eiffel tower and not go to paris hotel/casino with the mini "eiffel tower restaurant".
i can't stand it!!!!!!
3.) when i start a family with kids and such, i want to teach them to mow the lawn. its healthy. and natural. my parents taught me. (raised in southern california)
4.) decision: we are relocating. not just because the water issue. i just need to re-locate to a naturally green area and our careers: currently looking with ben in seattle.

For full article go to:

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chinatown, las vegas

went a little bit of thrifting yesturday....

after that, went to chinatown to grab a noodle snack at a little place called "desert avenue", great place to grab a bobo drink/rice drinks....

Desert Avenue
5115 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 234
Las Vegas, NV 89146


a stachtastic year to come

these amazing 'stache' necklaces are out of control.
stop being the dork painting sharpies all on your finger. add this stache accessory to your outfit and you'll be the star at the party. or at least, i would think you were!
some new art stuff, visit:

18in.x 24in.

10.5in. x 14in.

my birthday was exactly 4 wks. & 6 days ago, I turned the twenty-four age. Its a good age, no problem so far! Just enjoying life. Along with that, today I went to Borders and finally used my birthday gift card on this magical book.
Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design. Written by Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl.

I'm telling you, I'm pretty excited about this.

For the next few days on my lunch break, I'll encounter readings about the craft world, which I've always been part of. I don't know much of the, so to speak "craft-world", but growing up with my mom being a seamstress/fashion designer. I think I have been involved with it long enough to say I'm part of that little world.

things i love most about it:
-diy, do-it-yourself. no, if's or butts. you do it, and if its crafty enough to be called it, you've done it. you've created.
a masterpiece that is. right?

other reasons.......
1.) i love how it (it refers to the 'craft world') embraces traditional & non-traditional ideas of creating
2.) handmade
3.) fun
4.) fluffy, playful, colorful

a quaint sake tasting....

so, my love & i went to a sake tasting hosted by Eric Swanson, sommelier for Deluca Liquor & probably the most knowledgeable person to talk about sake in Las Vegas, he selected the brands and leaded the taste. it was great! & the appetizers were awesome, so if you're ever in the palazzo shops at the Palazzo, stop by! The seating arrangement is very pleasing. They are like huge round mushroom shaped picnic tables.

(pictures thanx to: happy mundane)
i always knew my buddy vincent would become the rock star he always was , he'd rock out in his parents' backyard while mom and dad be cookin dogs and burgers for all his buddies.
if you are ever in vegas, please go check them out or better yet visit them, Afghan Raiders
and see where they will be playing next!

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