hittin up the galleries in .......where?

LAS VEGAS. the art scene here is just plain weird.

you must know someone or be dating someone that knows someone that might be on perhaps, good social terms with that someone to be PART of that little scene. Its almost as if I hear the same names over and over again. sure, sure, sure....everyone says that, thats everywhere. Everywhere in the US, or anywhere for that matter around the globe, but Las Vegas is a city with about 550,000 people. We compare that with big cities like LA, or SF...running about SF: 770,000 and LA: 3.8 million! Now, thats just insane. Las Vegas & SF are relatively close, but consider the outskirts of both cities. Las Vegas...bakersfield, pahrump? San Francisco....oakland? santa cruz? san jose? sacremento? the list goes on.......

For that matter, I've been in & out of what some people refer to as las vegas' "art scene", its way too complicated, but being a local here, I do have to say I still support and encourage that part of my city and hope to see more growth and more emerging artists within it, so here is some info on some galleries you might hit up when in Vegas.

Also, later I will be posting up some local artists that I think need as much recognition as those artists I hear about in Vegas all the time.

Dust Gallery
Current exhibition:
Contemporary Arts Collective
Current Exhibition: Catherine Borg
Las Vegas Art Museum
Current: Photographer Thomas R. Schiff

Fall Out Gallery
Main Gallery
.....will update with other galleries soon.

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Jennifer Ramos said...

Hi there! I can honestly say that I am not CRAZY about the art scene in las vegas and think it needs A LOT of work still. So much of it looks the same to me....

Jen Ramos
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