hip/new: line up to pay for a glass of water

las vegas has always been known for not having 'as much culture' as other older bigger cities (portland, seattle, san fran, la, new york, chicago....you get it) but some bright people with some money in their pockets are picking it up fresh. welcome "henri & Odette" located at 124 south 6th street, suite 130. las vegas, nv. its a mix of a water bar, art gallery, gifts & doo-dads. not to get confused with you non-get-out-of vegas-ers, that was a little out of control. BUT There are several "water bars" a good web page would be Fine Waters where you will find loads of water bars all over the world like Colette in Paris, or the Aqua Bar in Tokyo, 30 stories high! So, line up for your taste of german, japanese, or even scottish h2o!

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