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Tim Burton at MoMA thru April 2010.


Did you know that Sweden has their own term for "taking a break to drink coffee" ? Well, they do. Literally translated to "fika".

Wouldn't that be nice.

Above: Popular café called String in Stockholm.


Japanese make-up artist, Ayami Nishimura has done make-up for many...too many to name, visual above is from the Indian Vogue. Extremely talented.

Adidas in collaboration with Jeremy Scott.

That curtain. Is made out. Of paper.

Interview with Brandi Strickland

Recently, I've had the opportunity to talk with young, talented artist, Brandi Strickland. Take a look!

Link to video of last question, here.


is what i'm feeling today.

quote of the day

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises"

-From ancient Greece

"If anyone knows the designer of this kitchen, can you please inform me this second? First of all, I'm in loveee with the slate concrete flooring, it's my favorite segment of the entire kitchen space. The color combination, needless to say is stunning, the white highchair is so convenient with its extended foot stand, and baby food tray, enough said. I think I spot it out at Pottery Barn Kids the other day if I remember correctly.
Los Plátanos (bananas) are vivid green, it provides so much color throughout the entire room. I love how their hung and placed on the floor, what an amazinggg idea. Along with the green, I absolutely loveee the orange on the cord of the propane tank, it just plays right off that orange window shutter, it works so strange, but perfectly!"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Oh, golly gee.

This is an example of what might a reader that enjoys design, or "thinks" he or she does would say about design in general that are popular in our blog posts today whether it be online, magazines, television...etc. I for one, love design. I always have and always will. I love everything about it. I love visiting different places and noticing things that some people may not notice. I love picking out books by its cover, I'm guilty about it. I love picking out one spot at a park better than the other because of the particular lighting, shade, or surroundings. I like rearranging things to become familiar with it's ability to be liked. I'm visual. I like putting things together and picking out just the right seat at a restaurant by the way it looks. That excites me. All these things do. But what I love most about design is that it is different everywhere, and thats what should be valued in the design world. Not fancy. Not expensive. Not the same. Not attractive. Not unattractive. But...different.

I personally feel that some people including these Pottery Barn enthusiasts (or I'm going to grit my teeth when I type this, but as well as the "Save Money. Live Better." Wal-Mart shoppers). These people might think that they like design, but really it is to an extent for their taste and to put in much simpler terms, lack of knowledge for design. To have an interest of design, one should include the entirety respect of design, but shamefully at time it is rather gravitated only towards one particular style and clearly, does not know how to relate to something outside that certain "design bubble". Yeah, I'm not going to dot - dot - dot, not say it, but yes, America does it.

And, so what exactly is design? It's what you make of it. Lines, shapes, plan, purpose, intention, arrangement, lay's the creation of things.


Come on kids, we all wash our hands, we all take naps, we all shower, we all eat, we have cellphones, i pods, we all have toasters, we all have refrigerators, we are human...really, what is the difference?

...And in reference to the quote of the day, I recently had an opportunity and didn't pass it up. I'm glad I didn't pass it up even though I could say this truthfully that I wasn't prepared, not one bit. But like they say, live as if there is no tomorrow. And that's what I decided to do.

Oh, and PS: I sincerely love these two pictures above. And probably more than what I've seen in design/interior sources recently. Both visuals are well taken and done in Colombia, South America.


Imagine your upbringing as having a pet pig (I just found out the other day, my dad had a pet pig named "Choncha" when he was a little boy living in Cuba...until one morning he woke up, and asked his mom, "Donde esta Choncha, no esta aqui ! [Where did Choncha go?, I can't find her!], his mom later replied, "Look in the fridge", oh boy...did he not forget that moment in life ( !! )
...Imagine horses, hay forts, and playing hide'n seek on farmland...well Meredith did just that, now her work is full of wonder with themes of biology, technology, and the consciousness. Check out a recent interview Fecal Face did on Meredith Dittmar.

I love the idea of using your own space as a gallery. When Ben and I first moved into our home, we didn't (and still don't) have much money set aside to renovate everything, and since we should be moving soon, we don't think its a good idea, but before when we had just moved in last year I had the idea of turning both rooms into gallery spaces and having people actually come to our house for an opening and then having a dinner party. I haven't really talked about it much more, but now reading this article on turning your own space to an actual gallery space makes it a lot more interesting. Above is a picture of Sarah Gavlak inside her bedroom apartment using it to showcase her art work. May be, I will turn the idea about sometime soon...

I'm really into this song...the video is fun to watch too.

Oh, and Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini of Posso the Spat are H O T. Not only are they good at what they do (and not hesitant about it...!) They have great style designing lots of goodies including leather spats, belts, and cuffs. Producing/mixing great house, funk, disco and dance beats...they also have an amazing creative living space at their Downtown L.A loft shown through the wonderful, Selby. Listen to some of their music on their myspace.

And another great thing about them? During their interview with Tom Selby, he asked what were six different things to make a great party, and what were five out of the six things Marylouise said?
1.) Sequins 2.) Good Friends 3.) Spats 4.) Sweet Jams & finally, 5.) FACE PAINT!
You're my girl, Marylouise.


Can you believe it, this is Calle Pompón's 300th post!
woohoo, here is some holiday shopping cheer:

1.) Gift tag set by English Muffin Shop, 2.) Windy Day by Ashley G., 3.) Czech Wooden Blocks by Present & Correct, 4.) City Poster Screenprint by Ork Posters, 5.) Stepping Stone Gloves by Anthropologie, 6.) Ooak Hooded Scarf by Rosetung

only in switzerland

Imagine living underground...


I think I'd be a little claustrophobic, I need more windows to breathe the air (the majority of them are in the front)...I'd feel as if the earth is on top of me, and I'm drilled into the dirt ground, seriously. I would love to visit though, even if it was open as a hotel space, I'd go in a jump just to have the experience.

I love these bunks though.

Take a look at some more pictures, here.


lace up boots

Illustrations by Lizzy Stewart

gaze and play

Mobile handmade with various fabrics and wool by artist, Rose Minuscule

Homes of Ærøskøbing, Denmark.


Keep all your old pencils and erasers.

I'm feeling rain coming our way.

Beluga, a creative team based out of Paris, France creates the most magnificent window displays. They are very much into storytelling, daydreaming, poetry, playgrounds..the obvious in their work.

Would it be possible to have a balloon last forever? Remember how depressing it would be when you would see your balloon slowly deflate when you were a kid? Well, Clementine Henrion makes it possible by hand making these bright and shiny balloons out of fabric, stuffed with kapok, like a soft pillow, and meant to be hung (vaulted ceilings), the higher the better to create the illusion.

Dear Santa,
This year I would like...

Querido Papa Noel,

Este ano quiero…


From Lucky Boy Sunday

Bowler hats, or Bombins are made out of felt to fit all snug. Handmade in Bolivia since the 1920's.

Bowler sombreros o Bombins son hecho de fieltro para quedar ajustado. Hecho a mano en Bolivia de los 1920’s.


I'm in love with this Flamenco-Style Shower curtain.


*A veces trato a traducir mi ingles en español para tu ventaja.

girl power

I have my Christmas outfit picked out.

Now, we need a Christmas party. I'm brainstorming. I'm thinking of a Sweedish theme, making Julbok's (straw goats) ornaments, and the food...mmm....well, the Swedish have a tradition of eating smorgasbord of lutefisk, dried fish, Christmas ham (of course, for me...that's a popular dish, we're Spanish), boiled potatoes, pork sausage, herring salad (*vegan, I had to add that in there), spiced breads, and many different kind of sweets including rice pudding where an almond is cooked inside and whoever finds the almond is said to get married in the coming year. So, does this mean only invite couples? No, just invite a date. (!)
Then we got the glögg, its heated, and sweetened spiced wine. Now, that sounds way interesting to pass up. I wish I had some real Swedish friends and then it'd be the real deal. I'm so intrigued by all the different traditions one country has to the other. Here in America, it seems so fast and just too materialized, I mean I walk to my mailbox and I hope to find a holiday card, but what's literally, stuffed inside my mail box instead? Ads. Ads, ads, paper, wasteful paper. All these completely useless Wal-Mart ads, Target, RC Willey, Best Buy, Macy's....dios mio, will you please lay this exactly did they get my address? It's always a mystery.
Can I please have some more peace? In Sweden, Christmas is celebrated always with a sense of wonder and reverence with friends and family gathered. And not only that, it's a 6-week event!! They don't throw out their Christmas tree until Jan.13th... That's the holiday I like to share, I'm pretty grateful to have a family that does just that, but with our strong Spanish/Cuban tradition.

Porridge Girls by Hildur Söderberg

Another vintage Christmas card by Swedish illustrator, Hildur Söderberg

Capes aren't just for kids.

...merci, barbara.


I'm currently listening to. Madjo.


gee, I enjoyed scallops before I even knew the pattern had a name, scallop! I liked looking at them and visually, it was just pleasing, I guess because it's femininity. It would remind me of baby pink time, my mom dressing me up, going grocery shopping, watching her cook, and putting pigtails in my hair. I guess, you learn as you grow. I mean wow, I didn't even know why there was a name for pigtails until probably middle school, "Oh, because it's p-i-g....tail, a pig's tail mom."

It's all just coming back.

Dress from La Casita de Wendy

A new home, a new life.

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a project called "Casita Linda" created by some American architecture students helped design homes to help the poorest of the poor, mainly single mothers and a group of volunteers who helped build it for under $7,000 each.

A "before" shot. A family of 8 females lived in this before they were waiting for their new home.


Deborah Llyod on the right, creative director of Kate Spade in Bosnia. Kate Spade has teamed up with Women for Women International, a program dedicated in helping women survivors of war. So, how did Kate Spade play in? They began these job programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina for women to make mittens, hats, and scarves for the holiday season. Deborah Llyod is the main person behind the program, she went on a tour of Bosnia and it grew on her that from the stories she came upon, she needed and felt responsible for giving life again to these women survivors of war who had their family lost, sent to rape camp...etc. While on her trip, some Bosnia knitters would lead Deborah to the river to show her the old-fashioned way of beating, boiling, and hand-drying wool. It is kind of amazing to think about the things you wear, and how they're actually made and handcrafted.
At WfWI, you are able to become pen pals, which a lot of women cherish more than the financial.

On of the many colorful shops on a street in Bašcaršija, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


I know Halloween has passed and all, but I've been wanting to dress like Wonder Woman for some time now! And I can't get over it. If you're a girl and your comic hero isn't Wonder Woman, there is seriously something wrong there... every year I always end up not dressing like her because my ben and I usually dress up together as a couple. That's it. Next year, it's on. He can be some other comic book superhero, how about Superman? Batman?
...oh, that's "so over done." Well, blah.
I have an idea, what about a Superhero/Villain themed party?

. .. . ... .. . ... .. . ... .. . ... .. . ..

Even Victoire de Castellane's hero (designer for Dior Fine Jewerly) is Wonder Woman!

Speaking of Dior...


The new Miss Dior Chérie smells so yum. The ad is pretty neat too. By the way, have you seen Up?

all she wants

for Christmas are her...

Not the plush kind, but the real kind...

You know one in four adults over 60 has lost all of his or her teeth? I better take care of these little guys while young, may this morning bring the best out of them! Off to the dentist!

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