Imagine your upbringing as having a pet pig (I just found out the other day, my dad had a pet pig named "Choncha" when he was a little boy living in Cuba...until one morning he woke up, and asked his mom, "Donde esta Choncha, no esta aqui ! [Where did Choncha go?, I can't find her!], his mom later replied, "Look in the fridge", oh boy...did he not forget that moment in life ( !! )
...Imagine horses, hay forts, and playing hide'n seek on farmland...well Meredith did just that, now her work is full of wonder with themes of biology, technology, and the consciousness. Check out a recent interview Fecal Face did on Meredith Dittmar.

I love the idea of using your own space as a gallery. When Ben and I first moved into our home, we didn't (and still don't) have much money set aside to renovate everything, and since we should be moving soon, we don't think its a good idea, but before when we had just moved in last year I had the idea of turning both rooms into gallery spaces and having people actually come to our house for an opening and then having a dinner party. I haven't really talked about it much more, but now reading this article on turning your own space to an actual gallery space makes it a lot more interesting. Above is a picture of Sarah Gavlak inside her bedroom apartment using it to showcase her art work. May be, I will turn the idea about sometime soon...

I'm really into this song...the video is fun to watch too.

Oh, and Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini of Posso the Spat are H O T. Not only are they good at what they do (and not hesitant about it...!) They have great style designing lots of goodies including leather spats, belts, and cuffs. Producing/mixing great house, funk, disco and dance beats...they also have an amazing creative living space at their Downtown L.A loft shown through the wonderful, Selby. Listen to some of their music on their myspace.

And another great thing about them? During their interview with Tom Selby, he asked what were six different things to make a great party, and what were five out of the six things Marylouise said?
1.) Sequins 2.) Good Friends 3.) Spats 4.) Sweet Jams & finally, 5.) FACE PAINT!
You're my girl, Marylouise.

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