Street Markets & London? Here you go.

Amelie is my favorite.

Alexandra Cameron's photos are luscious.


Vintage Snack Canister Set.

Lace & Velvet Cufflings.

Beautiful Cream dress.

Doily Clock.
Leah Giberson.
print from sfgirlbybay's etsy shop.

nice print.
Neat necklace.

Wooooof. Glad to be back home. LA's Fashion District is lovely, but a nightmare at the same time!

favorite flickettes




vaca, anyone?

A collection of seventy different hot spots around the lively city of Buenos Aires that you can find in this book written by Gabriela Kogan. She speaks about the lovely atmosphere, the menu & what makes each place unique in its own way to visit. It also gives a little glossary on Argentine cuisine with some recommended dishes.

As said, "A visit to a flea market can be the highlight of a trip to France..." But this seems to be true anywhere I go and anywhere, my B. & I go. Everytime I visit a city even in the states, I always have to stop at their local thrift shop. I always find something I like. It may not be something I need, but it surely is something I like and will keep for the satisfication of keeping. The Flea Markets of France is the ultimate read to get you through the streets of France & finding those many jewels of desire. More than 200 markets are told in this book. Definetly an investment, if planning to visit France anytime soon.

For anyone that loves handmade, decorating, altering and design then you should have this book on your coffee table. Fait Main, or "made by hand" is what Pia Jane Bijkerk writes about in her new read. She talks about all of the many shops in Paris that really value fait main. From handbags to clothing, this book will really give you a complete different side of Paris that one have may yet not discovered. I want to write more about Pia because there are oh so many lovely things I can say about her! I can relate to her in so many ways, she loves photography, graduated with a BFA (as did i), loves styling & loves the handmade. OH! and she lives in a houseboat (i don't live in a houseboat, but surely that is a-m-a-z-i-n-g) ...But I'll just keep this short & sweet...find your local bookstore here to see where you can purchase her book.

These art & culture travel-related books all come from The Little Bookroom.

Meet Ricky from Germany. Not only does she have a great sense of style with her handmade, altered clothing & great vintage finds, she also has her own shop! Go check it out. As well as her own blog, Cats & Dogs.

Been working and put on good habits

Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) & wife, Kria Brekkan together sitting in snow.

Animal Collective. Simply, my favorite. These guys are truly talented. I value know, loyalty. And I try to pick out those important qualities when I choose who to become friends with. And that's exactly what Animal Collective is, they're honest musicians. You know all of us at some point have had that inner-desire to say, “I heard them first”...well, for this band particularly I really want to be able to say that. It was my first year in undergrad at UNR in 2002, I woke up in a house with Animal playing (that hit single, grass hadn't even came out yet). I didn’t exactly know that they were playing, but I had asked one of the little snowboard brods (for those that don’t know, unr conists of post-snowboardates seekin undergrad...) who was it that was playing on their CD player (thats right, no iPods yet). I went back to my dorm that same morning trying to remember the name of the band that those dudes had told me. I was still quite intoxicated from the previous night outtage that surely enough I hadn’t remembered. Later that day, cruisin along my pc laptop that my dad had gotten me for my high school graduation...I started, slowly remembering that it began with “Animal”...animal something...I thought. I think I googled “Animal slash Band” until my eyes were hurtin from looking (or should i say, googlin’) at the screen too long. What was the outcome? That nite, no luck.
But those animal tunes kept poppin into my little head, I wanted to know what band it was. It was really addicting. I felt during that time of my life, nothing more was important than music, and partying i guess..really. Bee was across the globe, teaching english in China while I was pretending to be studious and going to college...don’t worry I eventually finished college (otherwise, I wouldn’t be sharing this with all of you). And, who wouldn't want to know who this rad band was? Who else has remote control cars as one of their sound bites? nobody.
The following day in drawing class, there was this kid by the name of “Yale” who had some pretty good style, I’d say...he’d sport i-paths, which at the time, that was like “super rad skate style” least in my book. Zolton, was the name of our drawing professor. Probably, one of the best art professors I'd ever had. Zolton would let us bring our headphones to class while we drew still lives. Anyway, so this Yale kid was rockin out to his mp3 player...and pretty hard. As I caught on, it started sounding exactly like that band that I had heard! So, I think I overlooked to see what was playing, or I had asked my friend Eric who was playing on his mp3 because I was too shy at the time to ask... and there it was...ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. Right after class, I rushed back to my dorm room & looked these guys up. Pretty stoked, I was. P-r-e-t-t-y s-t-o-k-e-d.
Along side, this amazing birth of Animal Collective to my music collection, I wanted to note that they're playing here in Las Vegas on May 30th at House of Blues. I can't wait...

Band: Animal Collective
From: The suburbs of Baltimore. Lives in Brooklyn.
Bio: Here.
As Seen On: David Letterman.
About: "Common place stuff", "free association"...Everything yoo need 2 know is here & here.
Radness: Here.
Genre: Their own...experimental i guess.
What to expect at their upcoming show: A new experience. Not necessarily, their "new" hitzz but stuff they came up with a week or so ago...



three above from lookbook.

Woody Allen is settled with $5 million from suing American Apparel for using an image of him without permission on billboards throughout LA & NY.

Ernesto Neto's installation inside the Park Avenue Armory. His work usually takes up the entire exhibition space. Particularly, this space has hanging pieces filled with spices.
Soyfriends, an independent publisher based in Norway, dedicated
to printing works of scandinavian artists.

Best way to cook fish.

I really hate this stuff.

So many of the people I work with constantly drink these horrible energy drinks every single day. Drinking too much of this crap simply produces a false sense of well-being. Whatever happened to just boosting your energy with a bottle of water? They keep coming up with all these different energy drinks, just make sure you read the labels before consuming.
I mean, I love coffee and I love it because its natural and delicious, but I'm sorry energy drinks are not delicious! They're just packed with unnecessary stimulants.

Better yet, make yourself a real smoothie.

loveli parades of fun.

Australian artist living in LA, Kill Pixie gets a visit from Fecal Face as they do a mini tour of his studio...great pics (both above). Solo show coming up in LA on May 30th at Merry Karnowsky. And for more info. on his upcoming shows, go here.



A great sneak peek of illustrator Blana Gomez' home in Madrid at Design*Sponge.

Luving this bed set.

Garland up your Garden.

Garlands in homes are fun too.

Saidos de Concha

Limited Ed. Artist Series Glasses.


By the way, its Helldorado Week in Vegas:

I wish I was a Helldorado Parade girl in the 40's.

An older flyer of the Helldorado Event held in Las Vegas. Started in the 1930's as a celebration of the wild celebrating in the early 40's.

This year's flyer:


Serena Cole has the most amazing portraits. "Seductively beautiful" is what she intends her images to be and with all respect they're in a very uneasy, creepish kind of way...yet they all have this subtle prettiness to them. Her use of watercolor is extraordinary.
When I was a little girl I used to have this same aztec print skirt.

They're canisters & they're vintage.

Colorful Masking Tape.

Bows & Bandits = Fine Austrian Vintage Clothing
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