vaca, anyone?

A collection of seventy different hot spots around the lively city of Buenos Aires that you can find in this book written by Gabriela Kogan. She speaks about the lovely atmosphere, the menu & what makes each place unique in its own way to visit. It also gives a little glossary on Argentine cuisine with some recommended dishes.

As said, "A visit to a flea market can be the highlight of a trip to France..." But this seems to be true anywhere I go and anywhere, my B. & I go. Everytime I visit a city even in the states, I always have to stop at their local thrift shop. I always find something I like. It may not be something I need, but it surely is something I like and will keep for the satisfication of keeping. The Flea Markets of France is the ultimate read to get you through the streets of France & finding those many jewels of desire. More than 200 markets are told in this book. Definetly an investment, if planning to visit France anytime soon.

For anyone that loves handmade, decorating, altering and design then you should have this book on your coffee table. Fait Main, or "made by hand" is what Pia Jane Bijkerk writes about in her new read. She talks about all of the many shops in Paris that really value fait main. From handbags to clothing, this book will really give you a complete different side of Paris that one have may yet not discovered. I want to write more about Pia because there are oh so many lovely things I can say about her! I can relate to her in so many ways, she loves photography, graduated with a BFA (as did i), loves styling & loves the handmade. OH! and she lives in a houseboat (i don't live in a houseboat, but surely that is a-m-a-z-i-n-g) ...But I'll just keep this short & sweet...find your local bookstore here to see where you can purchase her book.

These art & culture travel-related books all come from The Little Bookroom.

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