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Woody Allen is settled with $5 million from suing American Apparel for using an image of him without permission on billboards throughout LA & NY.

Ernesto Neto's installation inside the Park Avenue Armory. His work usually takes up the entire exhibition space. Particularly, this space has hanging pieces filled with spices.
Soyfriends, an independent publisher based in Norway, dedicated
to printing works of scandinavian artists.

Best way to cook fish.

I really hate this stuff.

So many of the people I work with constantly drink these horrible energy drinks every single day. Drinking too much of this crap simply produces a false sense of well-being. Whatever happened to just boosting your energy with a bottle of water? They keep coming up with all these different energy drinks, just make sure you read the labels before consuming.
I mean, I love coffee and I love it because its natural and delicious, but I'm sorry energy drinks are not delicious! They're just packed with unnecessary stimulants.

Better yet, make yourself a real smoothie.

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valeriane said...

sorry i speak french...but, I'm in agreement with you for the energy drink. i like(love..?) smoothies lol its so best drink..xox

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