visuals from vegas magazine.

"An award-winning, multilingual, in-demand realtor, Christine Rosa Lefkowitz" In this past issue of Vegas magazine, they give a sneak peak indoors of Lefkowitz' high rise condo in Las Vegas. Her style is fun with bright, popping colors with an obvious liking of feng shui. She also is a huge collector of art work, hanging all around every part in her condo.



I'm excited to announce that Anya Hindmarch has her own boutique here in Vegas. Her products are amazing. Look, here.

Read Anya's story here.



It sure is a fine little day.

Studio Violet.


I want more green, I say!
Just look at this tub. Isn't it magical in it's own greatness?

and even this rustic charm. Space saver.

just a few steps to relaxing.
Colors & Mulch

Hanging up your colored pots will brighten up your fencing.

As being in the process of decorating my bathroom. Here are some great ideas.

More wonderful ideas for do-it-yourself projects, here.

eight visuals above here +


The best feeling of bright sun through windows.

three visuals above +
I just bought some earrings from Tarma Earth-Friendly Jewelry. Visit them, they have the cutest stuff.

A look inside of some favorite flickerettes:

Next time you're in a thrift shop, find a pattern you like, and start a project. You'll be surprised on what you accomplish!

6 visuals above +

Its okay to have a little obsession with paper right?

Wallpaper, gift wrapping paper....ahh. I luv pai-prr.

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from the right bank said...

Oh my God, I'm totally overwhelmed with all the fabulousness in this post! That apartment is great, I love Anya, that outdoor tub . . . it's all too good!

joanita said...

Haha, thanks for enjoying them!!

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