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Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner) & wife, Kria Brekkan together sitting in snow.

Animal Collective. Simply, my favorite. These guys are truly talented. I value know, loyalty. And I try to pick out those important qualities when I choose who to become friends with. And that's exactly what Animal Collective is, they're honest musicians. You know all of us at some point have had that inner-desire to say, “I heard them first”...well, for this band particularly I really want to be able to say that. It was my first year in undergrad at UNR in 2002, I woke up in a house with Animal playing (that hit single, grass hadn't even came out yet). I didn’t exactly know that they were playing, but I had asked one of the little snowboard brods (for those that don’t know, unr conists of post-snowboardates seekin undergrad...) who was it that was playing on their CD player (thats right, no iPods yet). I went back to my dorm that same morning trying to remember the name of the band that those dudes had told me. I was still quite intoxicated from the previous night outtage that surely enough I hadn’t remembered. Later that day, cruisin along my pc laptop that my dad had gotten me for my high school graduation...I started, slowly remembering that it began with “Animal”...animal something...I thought. I think I googled “Animal slash Band” until my eyes were hurtin from looking (or should i say, googlin’) at the screen too long. What was the outcome? That nite, no luck.
But those animal tunes kept poppin into my little head, I wanted to know what band it was. It was really addicting. I felt during that time of my life, nothing more was important than music, and partying i guess..really. Bee was across the globe, teaching english in China while I was pretending to be studious and going to college...don’t worry I eventually finished college (otherwise, I wouldn’t be sharing this with all of you). And, who wouldn't want to know who this rad band was? Who else has remote control cars as one of their sound bites? nobody.
The following day in drawing class, there was this kid by the name of “Yale” who had some pretty good style, I’d say...he’d sport i-paths, which at the time, that was like “super rad skate style” least in my book. Zolton, was the name of our drawing professor. Probably, one of the best art professors I'd ever had. Zolton would let us bring our headphones to class while we drew still lives. Anyway, so this Yale kid was rockin out to his mp3 player...and pretty hard. As I caught on, it started sounding exactly like that band that I had heard! So, I think I overlooked to see what was playing, or I had asked my friend Eric who was playing on his mp3 because I was too shy at the time to ask... and there it was...ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. Right after class, I rushed back to my dorm room & looked these guys up. Pretty stoked, I was. P-r-e-t-t-y s-t-o-k-e-d.
Along side, this amazing birth of Animal Collective to my music collection, I wanted to note that they're playing here in Las Vegas on May 30th at House of Blues. I can't wait...

Band: Animal Collective
From: The suburbs of Baltimore. Lives in Brooklyn.
Bio: Here.
As Seen On: David Letterman.
About: "Common place stuff", "free association"...Everything yoo need 2 know is here & here.
Radness: Here.
Genre: Their own...experimental i guess.
What to expect at their upcoming show: A new experience. Not necessarily, their "new" hitzz but stuff they came up with a week or so ago...


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CAPow said...

Animal Collective is one of my favorite bands too. They just keep getting better and better!

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