dinner party

Classic Pop art.
Upcoming exhibit featuring female Pop artists ranging from 1958 to 1968 at the Elizabeth A. Slacker Center for Feminist Art in Brooklyn.
A favorite is pictured above. Vija Celmins, Pencil, 1966. Oil on canvas.


Got to visit Lucca while in Seattle this past week...the store has so many special goodies that are hard to find. It's been in the old neighborhood of Ballard for over 10 years. Lucca is sought to resemble a Parisian gift salon from the late 1920's...I fell in love instantly as soon as I saw that it sold Pia's book: Paris Made by Hand, which is only sold in selected boutique stores.

...speaking of Paris, my good friends just got married this past weekend and are on their way to Paris for their honeymoon! I was privileged enough to design their wedding invites!

dog man

annie. larson. is. one. amazing. fashion. designer.


check out her knitastic shop.

on sandals? why don't i have these!! question mark question mark

this is a must.

it must have been made for me. come on camper, tell me the truth.


her long hair.

and those eyes.


kristin is a make-up artist and not just some ordinary make-up artist, she works with some renowned, legendary photographers..
and has some really fascinating work, just take a look below:

playful yet clean/natural. i love that.



i was privileged enough to see Heide Hinrichs' exhibit, Borrowed Tails at the Seattle Art Museum this past weekend. it was very pleasing to walk through. emotionally & the story followed.. i enjoyed it.



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