dog man

annie. larson. is. one. amazing. fashion. designer.


check out her knitastic shop.

on sandals? why don't i have these!! question mark question mark

this is a must.

it must have been made for me. come on camper, tell me the truth.


her long hair.

and those eyes.


kristin is a make-up artist and not just some ordinary make-up artist, she works with some renowned, legendary photographers..
and has some really fascinating work, just take a look below:

playful yet clean/natural. i love that.



i was privileged enough to see Heide Hinrichs' exhibit, Borrowed Tails at the Seattle Art Museum this past weekend. it was very pleasing to walk through. emotionally & the story followed.. i enjoyed it.




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Jo Cheung said...

Totally heart the models bright red eye shadow!

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