I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving! That was a good break. I'm back on track and ready to write.


sit in sleek

As I try to find chairs for my lonely dining table, I'm still not sure where and which ones I will decide to get. Obviously, if you haven't guessed, I need something remarkably affordable, and on the other hand, I came across these chairs, but what am I doing? I need stools! I have a bar-height table...any ideas? I have one chair, but need 3 more....would like them to be all different too.


The Cesca armchair, a famous classic modern design of 1925 by Marcel Breur. It is said that Marcel Breur was inspired by a bicycle shop and the possibilities of using steel tubing, a strong, economical, and easy material for furniture.


I want you, handkerchief chair.




Must, stop. Need bar-height table chairs! I think I might come to you, thrift store.


baby posh

Clip on tails? Nose pieces?


May, I please have one of these right now.

From Oeuf Be Good.

Let your inner animal come out of you...

Pheww, these days...little kids are wrecking it up with style.

...i love olive tan skin against brown threads. Very adorable.

a kid's room...when the paint of an entire bedroom is coated thoroughly over these old radiators, it makes the room look so much sharper. Aged and well polished.

Images via Milk Magazine

a pile of warm laundry, for some

In the suburb of Sutton, just outside of London, locals voted and decided upon protecting Banksy's mural...the majority decided onto keeping it and as soon as the vote was completed the mural was ruined with thoughtless marks. Which isn't surprising considering the fact that the mural was obvious in suggesting those that do mindless graffiti.

And those who covered his mural are too weak and took revenge. They wonder why their not able to get a vote on? Hmm....
A vintage calendar from France. You're able to turn around these 56 windows to reveal the dates, month and day.


A book, Heart of Mother from Portugal about a little boy and his love for his mother. I love the simple blue mom and boy characters, they seem fun.

Both the calendar and book may be found from London's Present & Correct

These bright yet soft and fun clutches are all handmade by Emma of Barcelona, Spain. The visual excites me even more about the clutch itself. Each one is placed on the chair delicately as if you can press your hand down into it and it would deepen like a down-feathered pillow. I think of folding my warm clothes out of the dryer. That's it. Those colors excite me. Check out her other goodies via Mia Accessories
A collaboration with the Swiss furniture company, Vitra and Parsons the New School for Design in creating innovative vignettes using the company's furniture, carpets, rugs, lighting...etc. The exhibit/viewing was this past June in which I would of loved to walk through, it even included some of Frank Gehry's furniture series, the Easy Edges.

Our talented buddies of Confetti System just appeared on the front cover of the new 12th Annual Avant-Guardian Issue of Surface Magazine. Not the girls, not the Marc Jacob dress, but the stuff in the background. The Confetti? Yes, the Confetti. These sparkling, garland-making artist duo, Confetti System have been giving us the joy of glisten & gleam...not surprising, their makings are spectacular.

Inside the new issue of Filter Magazine, our very own, Las Vegas' Afghan Raiders appears while giving a dance-dance, all night performance at Ben Sherman's party at the Revolution Lounge earlier this Fall. Also, earlier in August, Afghan Raiders had won Filter Magazine's Black Lips remix contest, go listen to "The Drop I Hold" feat. GZA (Afghan Raiders House Party Remix). If you haven't yet seen them perform, you don't want to miss it in your hometown, check out their web site to see when they'll be along your side of town next !


If you haven't yet stopped by the Curiosity Shoppe, it is filled with goodness buys of all kinds...they have books, objects for your home...they even have a section called "craft shop" where they encourage their shoppers to go out and have a creative adventure of your own by purchasing your very own arts and crafts kit. The Curiosity Shoppe is owned and operated by Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom from New York. Check out some products below.

Pictorial Webster's Dictionary

Iron On's by Mike Perry

"Inuit Girl", paper collage mounted on mat board by Neil Freese.
Man with a Parrot Sidekick (the talking painting) by J.Richel

sharing IS creating

It is just how you decide to share it...

Thanks Paula!

just woke up

good morning :)

Original Ink Illustration by Dumbo from Barcelona.

café on a sunday

Stamp of goodness created by Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker at Studio Violet of Sweden. The creative duo are eminent at making things just simply great.

Making things pretty.

Is always pleasant.

Sandra Juto

Coffee shops.

I want more of them.

To sip & chat.

And talk about life.

Sometimes I visualize that there is one around the corner of my home.

Sandra Juto

Isn't this a keeper?

A Children's book found via Fine Little Day.

I need to buy some more old children books.

line, shape, color


I need this.

Designed by the fabulous Australian designer, Tina Kalivas

Interview with Irana Douer

Recently, I had the opportunity (and privilege!) to interview an artist based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Irana Douer....please take a look and let me know what you think!
*Comments are much appreciated!!

*Above is an image from a recent project with www.proyectopiel.com.ar

That's right guys.

Nail Art.

Brooklyn based Artist, Molly Surno along with artists Kenya Robinson, Sarah Frances Kuhn, and more...show curated by Molly Surno.

Opening: November 5th (today)
Location: Capricious Gallery, 103 Broadway
Time: 6pm-9pm

Luiza Sa from CSS will be DJ’ing and Abby Walton will be doing free nail art at opening.

Lab Partners (recently featured in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine) keeps amazing me with their wonderful designs...Ryan and Sarah work together to come up with their work, check out their website.

It makes me think of old European vintage posters (like the one below).

Banned more than 90 years ago, Absinthe came back to the United States in 2007. Known for its hallucinogenic properties it became illegal all over Europe and the United States, but now someone without any problem can get a bottle of this green liquor.
It was so popular in France among the 1860's that once it turned 5pm, it was called the l'heure verte, which literally means, "the green hour" !

A new show comes to the Las Vegas Strip, "Viva ELVIS" put on by Cirque de Soleil and will be opening this December at the new City Center at the Aria Hotel & Casino.

Image by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.

olsen twins

"I had dinner with my friend in California and she was saying that the two of you are among the very few celebrities that have a style of your own", Bob Colacello

'the eames elephant'

Isn't it fantastic? Designed by Charles & Ray Eames, Made in England.

Puchase through Ella & Elliot

I want one.

oh....F F F yeah.

I don't really like profanity. But I had to put something in here that would describe my mood when I saw this visual......


I pretty much lifted out of my chair to say, "WOW". Like, very much "WOW".

The place is called, "Home Made". And it is a restaurant located in Milan, Italy and designed to look like a real home yet serving as a restaurant.

Owner Monica Bangari, together with the brilliant architects Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire created a space that would bring a luscious, fresh vibe while eating Italian food at its best.

Inside Home Made, there is a little garden designed by landscape architect Carlo Callari of Milan's ARePA studios. The elegantly made chairs are designed by Patricia Urquiola.

This is exactly what makes me miss the world outside of here. In Buenos Aires, anywhere I went...whether it was 100 years old, or built more recently, there was many many ingeniously designed places like this and in Madrid there were also so many creative spaces that I could just walk around for hours admiring all the architecture and design.

Take me back Earth! Soon please!


In need of some privacy? Front of the house....

Back of the house...

What do you think?

Into clean lines and congruity? Then take a look at this townhouse/city home.

An alternate way of "closeting", or displaying your wardrobe differently instead of hung up...

May be..? I think so.

The entry way of an Italian ceramists' home, Salvi Fausto living in Brescia, Italy. Are those really shrubs of green just floating off onto the edge of another building? ....I think it is. Miraculous.

It is no surprise considering the type of art work he does, check it here.

More pictures of Fausto's home, here.


This was part of the top loft bedroom inside a renovated home near the Belgian coast...it looks amazing, look at those windows that looks down to the first floor...


...if I can have a bed & breakfast when I get older, I think I will have one. The idea is incredible, and there are so many possibilities of making it the best one!

tag, you're it

How was your Halloween?

Hopefully, safe and happy!
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Thank you A Beautiful Mess, I've been tagged!

Where is your cell phone:
On my desk...right by me..

2. Your hair:
Tied back in a bun-ish

3. Your mother:
Sweet, kind, beautiful...About 12 miles away, not too far! And about 2 inches away from a phone call!

4. Your father:
Amazing...and eating dinner right now with my Mother...!

5. Your favorite food:
Depends on my mood, for sure...I love love coffee, that isn't considered a food though! Hmm...I enjoy salsa's, lots of different kinds of salsa...corn, bean dips...bruchetta...pico de gallo...Oh, and I love love bread and cheese. Cheese! Wine & Cheese! Tapas....Ok...I think I'm overwhelming myself here...next question...

6. Your dream from last night:
Probably a mixture of faces doing weird things, at a circus or a zoo...that is usually the case.

7. Your favorite drink:
I love lemonade, freshly squeezed lemonade. I love love coffee/espresso. Ice Ice cold water...

8. Your dream/goal:
Happiness, success...

9. What room are you in:
the office...

10. What is your hobby:
OOoooo.....making things/crafting. the gym. books/going to the library. cooking...camping, list goes on.

11. What is your fear:

12. Where were you last night:
I was at home eating dinner with my hub hub! Benny.

13. Something you are not:
A Bimbo.

14. Muffins:
blah...may be Poppyseed!

15. Wish list items:
too many

16. Where did you grow up:
California, Southern...

17. Last thing you did:
Finished dinner with Benny....we had broccoli/mushroom soup

18. What are you wearing:
scarf,shirt, shorts (i know weird..?)

19. Your TV:
None. Books/Movies/Radio

20. Your pets:
no pets, but many plush pets!

21. Your friends:
I have them all for a reason..

22. Your life:
A busy mind...is a happy mind. The end.

23. Your mood:
Anxious/Impatient...I have a lot on my mind! (And really should not be doing this right now...)

24. Missing someone:
My grandparents. They have many stories I have yet to keep up with, but will.

25. Vehicle:
Land Rover...what what. Ahhh...but I'm also into BMW X5

26. Something you’re not wearing:
a bra !

27. Your favorite store:
oh...many...I'm into antique stores right now...thrifty....

28. Your favorite color:
Olive green

29. When’s the last time you laughed:
Like 5 min. ago.

30. When’s the last time you cried:
When I got food poisoning from Chinese food last night!!

31. Your best friend:
I have a few....first my mom...then Hil, Meg, Damaris...to name a few...

32. One place you go over and over:

33. One person who emails me regularly:
Depends...mainly my cousins, Hilary, Damaris...

34. Favorite place to eat:
My mom's.

35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:
I want to be living in Seattle with Benny with a yard, a Subaru, 2, possibly 3 kids, and definitely, have gotten my MFA, working and living happily....all in all.... living the dream. living the dream. ( ! )


Such a beautiful picture.

Want the day off from work?

Live in Australia because today is The Melbourne Cup and you know what that means...everyone has the day off from work!

Happy Race Day

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