Lab Partners (recently featured in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine) keeps amazing me with their wonderful designs...Ryan and Sarah work together to come up with their work, check out their website.

It makes me think of old European vintage posters (like the one below).

Banned more than 90 years ago, Absinthe came back to the United States in 2007. Known for its hallucinogenic properties it became illegal all over Europe and the United States, but now someone without any problem can get a bottle of this green liquor.
It was so popular in France among the 1860's that once it turned 5pm, it was called the l'heure verte, which literally means, "the green hour" !

A new show comes to the Las Vegas Strip, "Viva ELVIS" put on by Cirque de Soleil and will be opening this December at the new City Center at the Aria Hotel & Casino.

Image by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.

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