a pile of warm laundry, for some

In the suburb of Sutton, just outside of London, locals voted and decided upon protecting Banksy's mural...the majority decided onto keeping it and as soon as the vote was completed the mural was ruined with thoughtless marks. Which isn't surprising considering the fact that the mural was obvious in suggesting those that do mindless graffiti.

And those who covered his mural are too weak and took revenge. They wonder why their not able to get a vote on? Hmm....
A vintage calendar from France. You're able to turn around these 56 windows to reveal the dates, month and day.


A book, Heart of Mother from Portugal about a little boy and his love for his mother. I love the simple blue mom and boy characters, they seem fun.

Both the calendar and book may be found from London's Present & Correct

These bright yet soft and fun clutches are all handmade by Emma of Barcelona, Spain. The visual excites me even more about the clutch itself. Each one is placed on the chair delicately as if you can press your hand down into it and it would deepen like a down-feathered pillow. I think of folding my warm clothes out of the dryer. That's it. Those colors excite me. Check out her other goodies via Mia Accessories

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