eat in bed

oh....F F F yeah.

I don't really like profanity. But I had to put something in here that would describe my mood when I saw this visual......


I pretty much lifted out of my chair to say, "WOW". Like, very much "WOW".

The place is called, "Home Made". And it is a restaurant located in Milan, Italy and designed to look like a real home yet serving as a restaurant.

Owner Monica Bangari, together with the brilliant architects Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire created a space that would bring a luscious, fresh vibe while eating Italian food at its best.

Inside Home Made, there is a little garden designed by landscape architect Carlo Callari of Milan's ARePA studios. The elegantly made chairs are designed by Patricia Urquiola.

This is exactly what makes me miss the world outside of here. In Buenos Aires, anywhere I went...whether it was 100 years old, or built more recently, there was many many ingeniously designed places like this and in Madrid there were also so many creative spaces that I could just walk around for hours admiring all the architecture and design.

Take me back Earth! Soon please!


In need of some privacy? Front of the house....

Back of the house...

What do you think?

Into clean lines and congruity? Then take a look at this townhouse/city home.

An alternate way of "closeting", or displaying your wardrobe differently instead of hung up...

May be..? I think so.

The entry way of an Italian ceramists' home, Salvi Fausto living in Brescia, Italy. Are those really shrubs of green just floating off onto the edge of another building? ....I think it is. Miraculous.

It is no surprise considering the type of art work he does, check it here.

More pictures of Fausto's home, here.


This was part of the top loft bedroom inside a renovated home near the Belgian looks amazing, look at those windows that looks down to the first floor...


...if I can have a bed & breakfast when I get older, I think I will have one. The idea is incredible, and there are so many possibilities of making it the best one!

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