Off to a Good Start

miss ethery pagava.

I compare myself right this minute with this picture right above here.

That's right everyone. I'm off to a fabulous day today! Woke up, had a cup of coffee & went running. Now, in a bit I'm off to work for a short shift & then I'm off tomorrow! So, I'm pretty pumped. What are your plans for the weekend? I know I'll be doing some swim swimming during the day & may be some dancing when the night gets good? :-)

YOO gotta luv Nikita.

Another fabulous house tour of LA.
A small, but cute little kitchen.

It looks like warm weather, but I see mittens...


Ok, I can dig it!


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franki durbin said...

yes, what's with the mittens? looks like a typical catalogue photo shoot.making the models don clothing from the opposite season.

we've just returned from a trip, but my sweetie is leaving town in the my weekend is completely free. I think I'll do lunch with the girls tomorrow and drive out to see family saturday. Keeping it low key and focused on sleep, Starbucks and relaxing until he returns Sunday morning. Girl time!

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