Girls from Ames, Iowa

The Girls from Ames, Iowa
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Imagine maintaining the same friendship thirty years after the friendship was created. Childhood friendships are very hard to maintain especially when relocating from one city to another, which is real common. But this wasn't the case for the Girls from Ames. A true story of eleven girls who grew up in Ames, Iowa that managed to move around to eight different states and still maintain their strong, remarkable friendship. As a New York Times Best Seller for non-fiction, Wall Street Journal Columnist and author Jeffrey Zaslow captures an extraordinary story of the joys and challenges of a long lasting friendship between Karla, Kelly, Marilyn, Jane, Jenny, Karen, Cathy, Angela, Sally, Diana and finally, Sheila. Zaslow shares how a strong bond between female friendships can really shape every single aspect of a woman's life. Being raised in the sixties and seventies, these girls bring great stories that will really open up a new outlook on friendships, particularly between females and their ability to influence the way we might see our friendships today. Our friendships that may last or may not. And if they do last, it lasts for a reason. People become who they're because of their relationships with close friends and these girls explain just that. There is now data that shows that women can actually benefit from maintaining strong friendships through the decades. Researchers recently started to pay much more attention to the importance of friendship for one's health. And it recently has been proven that those women with stronger friendships are much more healthier and happier, with stronger marriages as well. The fact is that we rarely appreciate the friendships that we have. As Rebecca G. Adams, professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina says that, "Friendship has a bigger impact on our psychological well-being than family relationships." For some really great articles, go to and click on, "Media Coverage", you can then find some very intriguing articles that focus on friendships and health. We are very lucky to have these girls reveal their lives with us throughout this story that Zaslow shares. The Girls from Ames is a story that will guarantee every woman will relate to and become inspired by.

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