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Corners of your home: The Selby
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Corners of your home. That and much more is exactly what Todd Selby creates on theSelby{dot}com. Pictured above is one bit of Fashion Designer and Artist Natalie Woods' home in Sydney, Australia. Todd creates incredible visuals of interesting people and their homes and/or creative spaces. He also makes an awkward yet talented, but funny watercolor replicate of the person he photographs and asks them the most random questions. Random, but interesting. Much more interesting than the usual interviewees', “What do you do for a living? How old are you? What are your aspirations?” Todd gets more creative and clever by asking randoms such as, “What 4 things would you like to see more of inside interior magazines?” Natalie Woods response was, “Inside people's drawers, obsessive collections; unusual & upbeat, and people's houses that actually look attainable.” He goes on and asks more randoms, “What 8 kind of things do you collect? What is your favorite cartoon character & why?”...the list goes on. He sometimes even has the person draw their favorite _________. From dream beds to how you dressed in college. This exactly is what is fascinating about Todd Selby's project and photos. It can be of the most unusual corner of a home that excites the viewer. He photographs and makes videos of fashion designers, actors, musicians, models, stylists, artists and more anywhere from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Los Angeles, London, Mexico to Australia. The most recent people he has done has been Stylist Elisa Nalin, Chef Sebastian Gaudard, Designer Tim Soar and Model Helena Christensen. Another amazing thing about The Selby is that Tod makes it seem so (for lack of a better word...) “chill”. All these people that he photographs are one of us. They're all human, working and living in our same world, we just get to see part of their normality, their creative space in a much more detailed kind of way. The Selby also recently just came out with their own book published just this past April of 2009. It includes his most prominent watercolors and visuals of people he photographs, get yours here: I don't know who hasn't been hungry for these type of photos. The guy has photographed everybody and anybody and their anythings, check out all of his amazing pictures on his personal website,
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