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Coming up on tens years of excellent distribution of womens lifestyle clothing in 2010, let us introduce you to Nikita Clothing, an Iceland street wear and snow wear clothing line dedicated solely to females. Who says that girls can't look hot skateboarding? Nikita brings the excitement of clothing that looks much more flattering than what there is out there today for girls who are active. Nikita also has everything from denim to dresses and from bikinis to hoodies, all having extreme durability and excellent quality. Nikita Clothing is carried in selected stores all over the world in 30 different countries and participating in all kind of active women sports including snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and as well as active girls who are DJ's and musicians. Some of the few girls representing Nikita Clothing are Claire Essertal who skates and lives in France, Ghislaine Albasini, a 24 year old snowboarder living in Switzerland, and Marie E. Tjernberg who does windsurfing and lives in the south west coast of Sweden. These are just a couple of aspiring and very athletic girls who are sponsored by Nikita. Nikita also sponsors one of the funnest all-female snowboarding events every year called Nikita Chickita, first place winner usually has unbelievable prizes. This past event, first place winner won a one year contract with Nikita and 1,000 euros plus a lot more goodies! Recently, in February Nikita Chickita was held at Mammoth Mountain Resort in California, just about 5.5 hours from our home, Vegas.
Along with their 10 year anniversary in 2010, Nikita will be producing a 200 page coffee table book that will include the ins and outs of a typical Nikita girl. Nikita supports their fans tremendously and that shows by their success as a brand. The book will show this largely by having some of the material that fans from all over the globe send out to them everyday. Creating hip and tasteful clothing specifically for, “Girls who ride”.
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