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Commonly known as the “Indie Queen”, Zooey Deschanel sure has proved to everyone that not only does she have a real up-beat sense of style, but with that also comes her success in the entertainment industry. Both of Zooey's parents were already in the industry from the very beginning, her mother is an actress and her father is a Hollywood Cinematographer. So, with that in mind, it really wasn't hard for Zooey to get her foot in the door. Though what is most recognizable about her is that she started acting in a lot of Independent Films, which received a lot of attention that automatically considered Zooey as a strong, independent self-motivated actress. Along with being an amazing actress, surely enough Zooey is very multi-talented. She also sings with M.Ward in the band, She & Him, a much more beautiful, old-fashioned way of performing with very little machine, and more hand. This shows more so how Zooey might be compared to the classic actresses of early Hollywood during the Golden Era. The best part about it is that Zooey doesn't even really try, it just so happens that she carries that natural eminence in her. Her very classy, yet elegant persona can be seen and reminded throughout beauties of back in the day such as Elizabeth Taylor, Louise Brooks, or Audrey Hepburn. She was also nominated for Best Actress in 2003 for the Independent Spirit Awards (aka the Anti-Oscars). Also in 2003, Zooey did her own singing in the film Elf with Will Ferrell. As of right now, Zooey is currently engaged to Ben Gibbard, singer from Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service's musician. As MTV had put it, they might just be possibly the First Couple of Indie Rock. She also is continuing to record and write for She & Him and preparing for her upcoming role in the film 500 Days of Summer, which will be out in August of this Summer, so keep your heads up for that new release!

Likes: Jazz music.
Dislikes: Being compared to Katy Perry!

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Handmade in New York, Mary Meyer Clothing is dedicated to an easy to wear as well as easy to pair with wardrobe. Mary Meyer, herself graduated from the California College of Arts with a degree in painting. While she studied heavily in printmaking, weaving, dying, welding and woodwork, she discovered her passion for clothing design. As heard amongst many of the most amazing clothing designers, Mary Meyer worked from her home in her living room making custom clothes for her friends and eventually developed her own clothing line in 2005 after receiving such positive feedback from everyone. Mary Meyer includes all sorts of unique cotton separates such as large, oversized one-size fits all, which is her most prominent signature looks. “The Biggie,” is a very comfortable, roomy, but sexy tee named after Mr. Smalls himself and has been a best seller for the past four consecutive seasons so far. Mary Meyer Clothing also is very easy to layer therefore if one of their fun, flow, sexy tees is bought in the spring, it may be worn and layered perfectly with some favorite tights in the winter! All season wear, now that’s exciting. With a lot of her ideas for her line she brings in folk and ethnic art on a much larger scale as far as printing on material. Mary Meyer also was the featured designer for the Pool Trade Show here in Las Vegas, which isn’t surprising considering all of her clothing is very fashionable, yet forward-thinking. A lot of the prints that are on her clothing were showcased of the original paintings at her booth at the Pool Trade Show. As the lady, puts it herself, “Really sexy in an unobvious way.” That’s the trick in which Mary creates with her line. You really need to try the garment on, walk around a little bit in it and check yourself out in the mirror. And if you feel good than you look good, and Mary Meyer Clothing holds that point very truly.

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