i've been kind of addicted to gq. no shame at all. it's great. recently, the style for men has been blowing my mind away. it's fantastic. like these slip-ons taken during fashion week of London. they aren't quite espadrilles, but the detail is impressive and the sole gives it a more of a classy look.

Polaroid #9

on the ferry.

i love rope.

i'm getting excited for this fall and all the new & fabulous products out there. i gathered a couple of my favorite items above: 1.) Complex Geometries 2.) Monki Jolene Boots 3.) All for the Mountain, Avalanche Bolo rope/necklace



this would be a special gift. please check out, Studio Violet's new book, The Life of Mr.Mustache
it's quite pristine.

new items at bows & bandits.


what kind of films have you been watching? (that means you, jen!) :)

watch the trailer for toilet.

are you a tweeter? follow me.

nickelson wooster. well done.

blowing my mind away. - the original Tom's.


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Flourishing Networks said...

Great shoes love them. Agree great photo of the rope.

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