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Ceramic, porcelain....stone...when I have a little extra cash I need to get some tile work in our home. I can see myself doing this probably when I'm in my 40's may be? When we are ready to settle into one home. I love Spanish tile though, everything about it..the colors, the various patterns. Look at this room above. Its enriched with so much color. Tints & tones of blue, sky blue, baby blue, or more so aqua? It's like this big functional coral reef used to bake or cook empanadas...would love to spend an afternoon in here.


Leandro Erlich's bâtiment & swimming pool installations ...indescribable work, breath taking.

If anyone knows where to get these paper plates, please please let me know. They are so much fun. Photographed while house-sitting by James.

Scout Holiday's wedding seemed divine full, full of spirit & funn-ness, of tiny paper planes, driftwood birdies, painted flags & talented! Congratulations!

Peaceful, quiet nice place to nap. A ranch home near the pacific ocean in California.

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it jobs said...

That’s funny how you wrote the words “breath taking” on the forth image you posted. You really mean it laterally.

apartments in manila said...

Excellent photos! I too have a thing about Spanish tiles, especially Spanish look interior designs. I love the patterns and the colors of it just awe me.

joanita said...

Yea I don't find Elrich's work funny. I think its very intelligent in his ways and just really 'breath taking' to see that he created it.

Robin said...

that spanish tile is to die for.

i know this is old, but i just came across this and thought i'd let you know the plates are from huset, in case you've not yet found that info out :o)

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