the New Firefly*

With its neon lighting, best view of Downtown Freemont Street Experience and Plaza’s dome-shaped architecture, the new Firefly* is a hit. If you have lived in Las Vegas long enough to know where to go for great ambience and excellent food, you have probably heard of Firefly* on Paradise, arguably the best Spanish restaurant in Las Vegas and very affordable for that matter. “Fun, affordable, and unique” says John Simmons, owner of Firefly* when discussing his new second location Downtown Las Vegas inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino. The Plaza is one of the more classic Hotel & Casinos of downtown, many films have been shot here and the dome in front of the Plaza where Firefly* is located has one of the most magnificent views of Downtown Freemont. Firefly* will allow guests to experience the rare and the feel of a classic-Vegas dinner, but rather indulging yourself with a much more modern feel and eating tapas or “finger foods” that help create that cordial ambience that the Spaniards are known for achieving in their culture. Firefly* has definitely achieved that kind of free-spirited environment. Here in Las Vegas, there is no other place that can achieve this creativity with food as good as our city allows. We are living in a city that provides 24-hr. entertainment, very much like most European countries. Eat late and chat the night away, Firefly* is the spot deserving its reputation as one of the best menus in town. Try traditional Spanish tapas like Ceviche and Tortilla a la española, which has egg, potato, onion, garlic and filled with goodness, or try more popular menu items such as the dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon, Firefly*fries seasoned with parmesan, herbs and aioli and you can’t leave without ordering a pitcher of the house made Sangria, especially in this Vegas heat, it is so refreshing, take a sip and you’ll feel like you’re sitting outside at a café in Barcelona chatting about life, travel, family, girlfriends, boyfriends and anything that your mind really captures amongst your friends. Not only does Firefly* have great food, but they are also known for having the greatest and certainly, the most friendliest service. Don’t be surprised if your waiter or waitress strolls by your table and begins to talk to you seeming as if they’ve known you for a while, long-lost friends, that’s the kind of service Firefly* brings. Come welcome Firefly’s newest location downtown with a grand opening on September 10th bringing our own Mayor Oscar Goodman to help us celebrate the newest addition to our most promising and evolving Downtown Las Vegas. [Event details to follow]

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