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A section of Douglas Coupland's home in Vancouver. Spools of Thread, I'd love to have this in my house. And, yes you may pull on the string. Although, I think I'd like it back in it's original wood instead of white.

You know that facebook is the most one of the fastest-growing and best-known sites on the Internet today with more than 200 MILLION active users! That is just plain, c-r-a-z-y. What has our world come to today??!

I need to get myself one of these. It seems so relaxing to just type away without a big screen in front of you. I used to love playing on my mom's typewriter when I was a kid, but I remember she'd always tend to get upset at me because I somehow would break it every time I did play with it. Baby blue vintage typewriter belongs to Papernstitch.

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The wall of spools is fantastic. Such a clever idea and it totally makes the room. I love old typewriters too. I have an antique one stored at my parents' house. I'd like to dig that out one of these days.

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