Happy Birthday Calle Pompón!

That's right everyone, today August 10th is my 200th post!

Time flies.

Thanks to all of you who stop by to say hi every once in a while, I really appreciate it!

xoxo's Pompónistas.



“I sorta felt the love all around. Did you notice that all of the employees seemed to love being there? “ said Zachary from Seattle on a review about the new hot spot for cupcakes. One thing that is fascinating about Seattle are the coffee shops that are in every corner of every street. Whether its walking your dog, or just going out for a nice walk especially during these lovely summer days, its very unlikely to not stop at a coffee shop on the way. And if you haven't visited Seattle, just to note: the streets are incredibly pedestrian-friendly. A new café except this time serving cupcakes hits the neighborhood of Capitol Hill at 11th and Pike. Cupcake Royale features delicious cupcakes and great art as well. Actually, on the grand opening day of this past July 22nd, Cupcake Royale were handing out free mini-size “Strawberry 66” to their customers. The 66 represents the percentage amount of ingredients that are sourced locally in Washington. Along with their delicious cupcakes, Cupcake Royale is designed by Roy McMakin, a Seattle-based artist and a friend of owner, Jody Hall who designed impressive furniture for the store. Inside it's shiny and splattered with accents of pink yet still retaining a much likable grandmother feel with a bit of a modern twist. In the front, a stained glass cupcake greets visitors as they walk in. The shop serves a variety of flavors from classic vanilla to flavors like lavender, lemon and mint. This is Cupcake Royale's 4th location and best yet. Next time you're in Seattle just look for those big bright pink neon writing and you'll run yourself (unregretfully) into Cupcake Royale!

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b. said...

happy 200!!!!!

i wanted to thank you so much for coming over to my blog last week and helping me with gift ideas!! you gave me some creative, cute ideas that i will for sure be using!!! xo.

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